Civil Engineering Talk and Photography Fest, UP Aggregates presents!

How about the Photofest? The PhotoFest is a competition for amateur photographers with an influence of CE. It aims to showcase the role of civil engineering in the environment and in the society. I can see some nice photos of buildings and skycrapers, on exhibit outside the venue. Contestants have done a great job, all must be given a prize I guess. Except that we should select a winner of one or two. They do some awarding to culminate the CE talk day.





Personal Thoughts from the writer?

I just don’t like photography contest (esp. college sponsored), since in my college days I haven’t won any of it. Haha. Even once. Yes, I think the judges mis-judge my photos. Serious, I think my photos deserves the first prize. Am still bittter now, am kidding. But yeah, keep on shooting. Ohhh what I enjoyed about the event? The dance moves and when participants were called up on stage to dance that grovvy move? Who can teach me that. Ughhh, yes engineering students has cheap kind of laugh (in short mababaw lang ang kaligayahan). Yes, it’s fun. Imagine a serious course, mixed with those moves. Coolness, I just hope they have more time for this kind of intermissions in such a serious programm. Must be fun. Take note of that guys, for the next year šŸ™‚




May take-aways were the following:

1. In terms of expertise in engineering we are not far behind from other countries, in fact some of our engineers are really SMART or SMARTER.

2. Some of our big buildings are still not safe from natural calamities and disasters. Hey, calling DPWH and your local government units. Please do get those construction materials right. Just don’t steal, by reducing the quality of material or what have you.

3. Yes, we can build buildings and landmarks, nice hotels and all. The only question is… will it be ready for some earthquakes, seismic shocks, tsunami or anything! Will it be safe from flooding? Well, that can happen if nobody get to corrupt the money-materials for constuction. Aheeeem, hello PORK BARREL SCAM!




When in Manila, I think our problem is not really on intellegence or know-how, but CHARACTER. BIG WORDS. Hope our engineers of the future would not be only experts on buildings or what but on character. Take that from a former engineering student, engineers. I got you there! ‘Twas nice to spend some time with you. Til then…

*You can see more photos here: CE talk + PhotoFest, and follow my page. Wink!

Civil Engineering Talk and Photography Fest, UP Aggregates presents!


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