Cellphone Case for Kids: ACA Toy Camcase for Iphone 5

When In Manila, almost everyone has a cellphone or tablet, and kids aren’t exceptions. I have young students who have devices far cooler and more expensive than mine!  In a world like this, it becomes important to make sure children are able to turn every experience into a learning experience – even by simply taking a picture.

“In the recent years, smartphones have become the dominant experience in personal computing. As more adults use smartphones, more children are becoming exposed to them. Not surprisingly, educators and parents are expressing concerns over children relying too much on passive activities offered over these devices. In June 2012, Yujin, Philip, and Edward decided to develop the ACA Camera Kit to get children exposed to creative experiences taking pictures on smartphones rather than using these device to watch videos, playing games or engaging in other passive activities.”

Toycam_Case_For_Iphone5 (01)

The ACA Toy Camcase for the Iphone 5 does not only protect your phone, but it also turns your phone into a whole new gadget. The first time I attached it, I felt like I was actually holding my very own toycam. So why should you get your own ACA Toy Camcase for Iphone 5? Here’s why.

Aca Toy Camcase for iPhone 5: Why YOU should get one

1. The Aca Toy Camcase turns your iPhone into a fun new camera especially for kids

Toycam_Case_For_Iphone5 (04)

2. It comes with a downloadable app that doubles the learning experience

The app has 4 categories of wordcards with different levels of difficulty for kids. It also has its own voice recording function and a cool album designed like a calendar.

Toycam_Case_For_Iphone5 (05)

3. The Aca Toycam case has 8 lens filters you can use to change what each photo looks like

My McDonalds Happy meal minion is the model for the day!

Toycam_Case_For_Iphone5 (06)

4. It comes in 3 different colors – pink, mint and white (the black one is not out in the market)

Toycam_Case_For_Iphone5 (02)

5. Lastly, the Aca Toy Camcase works as a cellphone case and protects your phone.

Toycam_Case_For_Iphone5 (07)

The Aca Toy Camcase for iphone 5 is priced at PhP 1950 and available at the following stores:

  • Beyond the Box
  • Digital Hub
  • Digital Walker

For more info on the Aca Toy Camcase, visit their website at www.base-d.com

Facebook: facebook.com/basedplus

Another must have is this rechargeable iPhone case from ibattz. Check it out here: https://www.wheninmanila.com/removable-battery-case-for-iphone-5-by-ibattz/


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