Celebrating the joys of motherhood through the Gifted Movement

Celebrating the joys of motherhood through the Gifted Movement

Raising a child can be a tedious task and it is said to be the most difficult job in the world, but what if you can join a cause that can eventually change the world?

The gifted movement started earlier this year with the aim of nourishing the gift of children. We have re-introduced the gifted kids of the 90’s Kiko, Shaira and James to know their take of what being gifted is all about. They are three people that can attest to why nourishing the gift is important in every child and how it helped them be what they are today.

Gifts correspond to high aptitudes or high potential. Giftedness has many faces: there are people who are intellectually gifted, others creatively gifted, socially gifted, perceptually gifted, or physically gifted.”- Dr. Françoys Gagné

Mothers Day KV

The Gifted Movement is very close to my heart and as I raise my 5 year old brother I have realized the Nourishing the Gift is not just a tag line that Promil Pre-School uses but is a call to action, to nourish the future generation for a better and brighter future.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day, we invite you to take part and let the world know that  your child’s giftedness is a great gift that you should be proud of.

Take the pledge and be an inspiration for moms all around the world.

Let’s all unite and change the world, by nurturing the gift, one kid at a time.



The Gifted Movement takes us from the past

through the present and all the way to the future

with the introduction of our new Gifted Kids:

Talented young masters in the making,


and virtuosos yet to be unveiled.

It is a movement we continue today

through Promil Pre-School and our collective crusade

to discover, encourage, and nurture the gifts of Filipino kids.

Together, we are all part of the #giftedmovement!


Watch the video and see how mommies unite to make that pledge.


To learn more and take part of the giftedmovement:







 Celebrating the joys of motherhood through the Gifted Movement