Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival With These Delectable Mooncakes

It was the Chinese moon goddess Chang’e that inspired the Mid-Autumn Festival celebrated across various territories across Asia today. From the myth of the moon goddess to the celebration of bountiful harvests during the autumn season, the Mid-Autumn Festival has come to be a symbol of reunion and thanksgiving. 

At Newport World Resorts, this festive season takes on the same elegance of the moon goddess herself. Celebrated every 15th day of the 8th month of the lunisolar calendar—falling on September of this year, the Mid-Autumn Festival is an opportunity for loved ones to live for the hope of it all and give thanks under the brightest and fullest moon of the year. 

Pay homage to the moon with Newport World Resorts’ signature mooncake collection. Savor the distinct flavor of autumn with the intricately crafted pastries that come in ube, red bean, and lotus flavors. 

Mooncakes at Newport World Resorts

Photo: Newport World Resorts

Bring light to these celebrations with these premium cakes that come in a majestic lantern box. The package set of 4 is available for Php 3,888 nett per box. Sample the festive mooncakes in Shanghai Ube for Php 238 nett, Red Bean for Php 378 nett, and Crispy Ube and Lotus for Php 478 nett each. 

The signature mooncake collection will be available the whole month of September at the Newport Garden Wing restaurants: Garden Wing Cafe, Victoria Harbour Cafe, Happy 8, and Newport Grand Wing’s Silk Road. Contact +632 7908 8009 or +63 917 878 8856 for pre-orders this August until September 1.

Share special Marriott Moments this Moon Festival with The Gold Mooncake Box from Marriott Hotel Manila. Indulge in classic and unique flavors of mooncake like Red Lotus Paste with Salted Duck Egg Yolk, White Lotus Paste with Salted Duck Egg Yolk, Durian, and Wine Cranberry. 

Marriott Manila Mooncake

Photo: Newport World Resorts

Available for the whole month of September, each piece is priced at Php 588 nett, while a box of 4 is priced at Php 3,388 nett and a box of 6 at Php 4,388 nett. Every purchase of Marriott Manila’s mooncakes supports a worthy cause with part of the proceeds given to a chosen beneficiary of Marriott Worldwide Business Councils-Philippines. 

Pre-order discounts apply for orders confirmed by September 8. For inquiries or reservations, call +63 917 584 9553, +63 917 624 5980 or email manilamarriottrestaurants@marriott.com.

Hilton Manila basks in the elegance of mid-autumn. The grace of blossoms and the radiance of the moon highlights the Moonlight Bloom mooncake gift sets available until September 29. 

Traditional Mooncake at Hilton Manila

Photo: Newport World Resorts

With five exquisite variations, the Moonlight Bloom sets come in Traditional Mooncakes or Boutique Mooncakes at Php 1,888++ per box of 6, Snow Skinned Mooncakes at Php 2,588++ per box of 6, Shanghainese Mooncakes at Php 988++ per box of 8, and the Luxury Set at Php 9,888++ per box that comes with a ceramic 6-cup tea-making set along with Tie Guan Yin tea. 

Pre-order until August 31 for early-bird discounts. For orders and inquiries, call +63 2 7239 7788 or +63 917 826 6441, email MNLPH_F&BInquiries@Hilton.com.

Escape the ordinary at Newport World Resorts, you know you want to. For more information on Newport World Resorts’ mooncake offers, visit www.newportworldresorts.com and follow @newportworldresorts on Facebook and Instagram and @nwresorts on Twitter. 

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