Learn About Financial Independence by Watching These Heartwarming Local Short Films

In celebration of Independence Day this June, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. has unveiled its sustainability agenda as a commitment to helping Filipinos achieve the freedom to live brighter.  

Financial independence

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“Serving Filipinos for 128 years now, Sun Life has always prioritized sustainability – not just in its Philippine office but also in the global organization where it belongs to,” Sun Life Philippines CEO & Country Head Benedict Sison said.

Aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 

Sun Life’s commitment is expressed through initiatives that support the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals and are anchored on focus areas where it can have the most positive social and environmental impact, including Increasing Financial Security, Fostering Healthier Lives, Advancing Sustainable Investing, Operating as a Trusted and Responsible Business, and Uplifting Communities. 

Over the years, Sun Life has been staunchly advocating these causes. A peek at the company’s sustainability journey thus far is available at www.sunlife.co/SustainabilityPH. 

“We aspire for our people and our solutions to make a difference in Filipino lives, empowering them to achieve financial security and healthier living for generations to come,” Sison underscored. 

Marking Financial Independence Month 

In line with its goal to increase financial security among Filipinos, Sun Life is once again marking June as Financial Independence Month, with the goal of empowering Filipinos through relevant and engaging content that expresses the message, “Freedom starts with a choice. Kaya mo ‘yan!” 

“We introduced Financial Independence Month in 2015, and we aim to keep the conversation going,” Sun Life Chief Client Experience and Marketing Officer Carla Gonzalez-Chong said.

Financial Independence Month Poster

Serving as inspiration are four short films created by Sun Life’s in-house team of young creatives. These feature heartwarming stories of Filipinos who made the choice to own their future and bring their goals to life. 

“Sinag” by Mei Solis tells the story of a daughter struggling to connect with her Overseas Filipino mom, until they discover a shared goal of finally being together for good.  

“Kulay” by Casey Borja explores the world of a child on the autism spectrum who brings hope to his business-owner father amid a crucial time. 

“Ngayon at Bukas” by JC Manzano depicts the struggle of a son struggling to find his path and finds it in an unlikely place: his father’s humble barber shop.  

“Para Sa Akin” by Bea Aguilera is a funny take on how a storm of bad luck can ironically lead one to finding a bright partner.  

All these will be available on www.sunlife.co/kayamoyan beginning June 19. Complementing the films are free learning modules designed for those who wish to build their financial portfolio. The message will be further amplified via content on Sun Life’s social platforms, @SunLifePH on Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok.