Cebu Business Month 2013 Kicks Off With “Excite Cebu, Power Up Global Business!”

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Cebu Business Month 2013 (3)

Members of the Chamber graced the Cebu Business Month 2013 Grand Opening Salvo. 

Cebu Business Month 2013 Grand Opening Salvo was also graced by the Overall Chair for Cebu Business Month 2013, Ms. Melanie Ng.

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Ms. Melanie Ng, Overall Chair for Cebu Business Month 2013,

discussed the planned activities and events for CBM 2013. 

CBM 2013 gears to highlight and celebrate the pursuit of success in businesses in Cebu by advocating sustained business growth and development in the province and outside of it. Ms. Ng mentioned that Cebu Business Month will fill June with an exciting lineup of events including the following:

  • Creative Industries – CBM 2013 will hold the second Creative Industries Summit in coordination with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), the Creative Council, and the British Council. This will be held on June 14.
  • ICT and BPO – Cebu ICT and BPO Conference for this year will be held on June 4 and 5. This event aims to further promote Cebu as the leading ICT and BPO hub.
  • Tourism – further power up Cebu as a premier tourist destination in the country and promote as a beacon of culture, heritage, education, ecology, entertainment, leisure, and performing arts. Cebu Tourism Congress will be held on June 21 in partnership with the Department of Tourism and in line with the slogan “It’s More Fun in the Philippines!”. Talento Cebuano will be on June 22.
  • Entrepreneurship – CBM 2013 Economic Forum will be held on June 11 with the Cebu Bankers’ Club.

For more details of the events for Cebu Business Month 2013 can be found on the brief schedule below.

CBM Calendar of Events v17

Cebu Business Month 2013 Calendar of Events

To formally open Cebu Business Month 2013, officers of the Chamber participated in a ceremonial pressing of the buttons to power up CBM 2013.

Cebu Business Month 2013 (1)

Powering up CBM 2013. 

To cap off the Grand Opening Salvo, a little Soul music was added with several hits rendered by no other than the Queen of Soul, Jaya.

Cebu Business Month 2013 (12)

When in Cebu, check out the lineup of activities and events for the Cebu Business Month 2013 and participate in this grand month-long celebration to make Cebu more fun and exciting than it already is.

Cebu Business Month 2013

When: Entire June

Where: All around Cebu



Cebu Business Month 2013 Kicks Off With “Excite Cebu!”

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