Cebu alt-pop band Sepia Times to release new single “BreakFast”

Sepia Times, an alt-pop band from Cebu consisting of Icy Ang and Luigi Balazo, will be releasing their single “BreakFast” on September 27, 2019 under Sony Music Philippines. It is the first single from a new era of songs by the duo. “BreakFast” was written and produced by the band themselves.

Inspired by Paramore’s “After Laughter”, Icy (vocalist and songwriter) wrote the first few lines of the song on a random evening. But the song came together following a surge of inspiration when Icy heard the word “breakfast” from a radio ad on her way to work. It was something she had never experienced before. She finished the song during her break and went over it with Luigi (songwriter and producer), who then opted for a different, more improved direction and arrangement. Production soon followed after.

The band hopes that people will feel a sense of inspiration, drive, or nostalgia from the song. That maybe, from listening to BreakFast, people find comfort in understanding that life doesn’t have to be a calculated facade of perfection for them to feel a sense of satisfaction, happiness or success.

The band has a few more singles coming down the line. Having already recorded an album’s worth of unreleased songs in 2019, they say that it’s just a matter of waiting for the best time to put everything out.

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