Cebu alt-pop band Sepia Times releases comeback single “Pills”

Sepia Times, an alt-pop band from Cebu consisting of Icy Ang and Luigi Balazo, will be releasing their comeback single “Pills” on June 25, 2020 under Sony Music Philippines. After a short hiatus, the group has decided it’s time to get out of hiding to release a fresh set of songs, trying to start over with “Pills”.

The upcoming track, being much sonically and thematically darker than the group’s previous work, is a story of constantly warding the demons in your mind. It takes its title from the concept of using metaphoric contraceptive pills to prevent the birth of dangerous thoughts and ideas. Luigi Balazo, writer of the song, stated it can be thought of as an embodiment of his personal struggles in dealing with himself.

The sound and lyrics combine into a stream that’s both chaotic and melancholic. It would come as no surprise for listeners to feel the unease projected from the song. However, as it incorporates a pop sensibility in a morbid atmosphere, it’s definitely something people can attach themselves to.

The band says it’s only the beginning of a long line of releases for the next couple of months and that the wait is over for new Sepia Times music.

About The Song:

Pills is about the never-ending struggle with the demons born in our minds. Some days, the dark thoughts just take over. Some days, we feel a ray of hope shining on us, but the weight of the world is always there. It’s also about restlessness in a reality that only adds fuel to the fire.

Artist Bio:

Sepia Times is a Cebu-based alt-pop duo. Since the first release of their music in 2016, they have taken a more electronic and synth-driven direction in sound. Their songs have been described as colorful melancholy; telling stories of existence, feeling and the art of being human.

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