Caught on Cam: Parking Lot Hit and Run

Caught on Cam: Parking Lot Hit and Run


Parking Lot Hit and Run 

A netizen shared a video that showed an alleged hit and run incident that happened recently on his parked car. 



According to the post (Translated in English):

Not because (the car) is old and has no value, you’ll just hit it and leave without even telling the guard about it or leaving a note to apologize for what happened. I would have just let it slip if you just left a note and a contact number. Sadly, even if it was your fault, you quickly left the scene, according to the bystander.

It’s good to know that there are still some people who care enough about a hard-earned car and took a video of what happened. It seems that my car was hit several times before you immediately left the parking lot.

To the person who took the video, and left a note on my windshield with contact info, “Thank you, Sir.”

My car’s taillight is damaged beyond repair. Even the part connecting the part has been damaged.

Plate #: WAS430
Make: Mitsubishi
Model: Strada


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Caught on Cam: Parking Lot Hit and Run