Caught on Cam: How MMDA Officers Subtly Ask for Bribes

If you’ve been driving/ commuting around Metro Manila for the past couple of years, then you’re probably already aware of the different tactics MMDA officers and traffic enforcers try to get you to bribe them. Though there are a handful of honest officers who will really give you a ticket for something you obviously did wrong, most will try to stir the conversation in a certain way.

Dianne shares her story below:

*The camera was hidden, hence you can only hear the discussion at the beginning. Dianne however shows the officer’s face in the end

“I don’t have any plans on bribing them but they gave me the idea to do so. I recorded our conversation because I knew what this was leading to and I was shocked how corrupt they are. I also intended to sound stupid, innocent and arrogant just to bring out the worst in them. *evil laugh* Happy listening guys! I hope you reach until the end of this video. Promise, it’s all worth it. I got away without a ticket.
Note: I will NEVER over speed in commonwealth (especially in front of MMDA officers). That’s pure stupidity. I don’t know which car they pointed their speed meter gun thingy.

“People who had various experience with these kinds of people would definitely understand me. Yes I’m a young woman, I always took that advantage to get away without a ticket. It always works. Yung tipong “kuya sorry please patawad nalang”. Unfortunately, It didn’t worked on him so around 2:ish, after I asked for my violation and kindly explained my side, I said “cge ticketan mo nalang ako” but he insisted the hassle that I would take just to get my license back. He said countless times “ ano ticketan nalang kita” hoping that I’ll panic and give into what he wants. He was clearly bullying me on that part so I decided to do the right thing, to expose his true intentions. I played his game and it backfired on him. They said I was over speeding (can’t check my speedometer while shifting lanes) but just like what I said, nasa 50 lang ako and trying to chase the correct lane for me to be able to turn left. (di ako sanay sa commonwealth okay? akala ko malapad ung bridge like sa edsa kaya nasa pinaka right ako.) How can I reach 75 when I was shifting lanes at maraming “bus” and cars? d nako “nakipagtalo” kay kuya kasi NGA, based on my experience, lalo akong tutuluyan nun kahit anong pakiusap and dipensa ko kaya mas magandang makiusap muna pero in the end, nag power trip na sha kaya I defended myself. To the people who says, “kawawa naman si kuya na mawawalan ng work” do we really need to tolerate these kinds of people? Come on guys, this is the first step against corruption, for us citizens to be righteous. To the people who understood me, thanks for watching the whole video and also for reading between my lines. kudos to all of you. Peace!” – Dianne V.

Before commenting, please listen closely to the conversation and notice how the motorist insists on a ticket at the beginning but the enforcer continuously asks her for other ideas. Later on as the bribery begins, the traffic enforcer tries to use some “marketing” and “sales” tactics by suddenly telling the motorist that it would be better to pay in the bank after she offers him only a small amount.

What do you guys think of this video/ audio recording? How does it make you feel?

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