Caught on Cam: Did The CCTV Capture a Ghost or Not?

It might be too early for Halloween but this CCTV clip circulating online will definitely give you the chills.

ghost caught on cctv

Screenshot from video shared by Matalinong Matsing Facebook fan page.

The video showed a man riding on his moped when he suddenly saw a white lady standing in front of him. The supposed white lady, however, eventually vanished. Based on the video, the man looked like he was shocked, so he stopped to check who the lady was. Just a few seconds after, the lady appeared again and the man ran away from her.

As seen on the video, the CCTV was captured February 2nd, 2016.

Watch the clip below and tell me if it’s true or not.

The video received mixed reactions. However, the majority of the viewers find it unreal. One of the commenters on the thread questioned the credibility of the CCTV as it looked like it was installed in an open area.

Other viewers believe that it was scripted and no way a ghost would have a shadow.

Well, how about you? Do you believe that the CCTV captured a ghost?