Cats of McKinley: Will they be ‘relocated’ or humanely managed?

The cats of BGC are once again in the spotlight. This time, the cats around the Science Hub in McKinley Hill are in danger of being ‘relocated,’ as building admins tend to describe the action of removing cats from the premises, transporting them far away, and then left behind.

As shared by the volunteers who have been trying to take care of the community cats in the area, the Science Hub Administration is planning to surrender the cats to the local barangay instead of allowing volunteers to Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) the cats.

See the post below:

Check out their petition: Save the cats of Science Hub, McKinley Hill

The animal welfare group CARA Welfare Philippines has stepped in by offering to pursue dialogues with the Science Hub Admin and by holding a fundraising campaign to cover the cost of spaying and neutering what could be dozens of community cats.

What is TNR?

TNR is the only proven humane and effective solution to manage the population of stray cat colonies. Removing the cats from an area will only allow for a new cat colony to take over in a matter of days–which was what happened in the High Street park adjacent to Shangri La at the Fort during the Cats of BGC incident. A few days after the cats were removed, unvaccinated and un-neutered/unspayed cats started to hang out.

The cat group Cats of BGC explains this event very well. See below.

How to protect the Cats of McKinley

For years, building admins and city officials have seemingly been at war with the¬†stray animals in our midst. The weapons of choice have been ‘relocation’ or surrender to animal pounds where the animals are euthanized within days. And yet the ‘problem’ of strays remain.

According to animal welfare groups, there is no need for this war as humane, effective, and cost-effective methods exist. These are TNR for cats, promotion of spaying/neutering of pets, and supporting pet adoption over pet shopping.

So what can you do to help? You can offer to foster or adopt a rescued kitten or two (just leave a message on the Cats of Mckinley’s Facebook Page). Or you can donate to the effort to TNR all the cats in McKinley Hill. See details below.


Via online donation on SimplyGiving – Click here to donate.
Via bank deposit – CARA Welfare Philippines, Bank of the Philippine Islands Account # 3191-0467-05

Cats of Mckinley -- kittens being fostered

These McKinley kittens will be ready for adoption soon. Photo from the Cats of McKinley Facebook Page