Catering Services For Your Next Feast

There’s a celebration everywhere we look and as Filipinos we always make sure that each occasion has a feast. So here are some catering services that you may want to consider when planning your next event or get-together.

What’s Cookin’ Kitchenette

0917 790 9813

From cakes and bottled tuyo to food trays and catering services, What’s Cookin’ Kitchenette has everything you need to satisfy your cravings. You have to try their chocolate cake!

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0917 573 7171

Catering never looked this good. Though grazing tables have been around for a long time, the trend boomed when Aperitif started their beautiful tables. Their food varies from cold cuts to cheese to desserts and has been the favourite of many ever since.

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Party Toques

0915 249 8484

Celebrity Chef Rob Lau has also verged into catering, offering party trays that are perfect for your home or office parties.

Party Toques

The Good Seed

This vegetarian/vegan cafe offers party packages for those who are looking for healthier alternatives for their parties. They also have delivery services for other diets like Keto and LCHF.

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Josiah’s Catering

5-JOSIAH / 5567424

One of the most famous catering services in Manila, Josiah’s Catering can be of service for any occasion. They make sure that each plate they serve passes their group of culinary experts. As part of their advocacy, they partnered with World Vision and pledge support for one month for a child for every confirmed booking of their services.

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Raclette Manila

If you love cheese, you have probably heard of Raclette Manila. This catering service brought raclette to a whole new level.

They have cold cuts that you can eat with the melted cheese, as well as other food offers depending on your cravings.

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The Creamery Catering

If you want something a little more fun, you can opt for catering services from The Creamery Catering. They have set menus that range from Php250/head to executive menu sets.

You can also make your own menu depending on the theme or your guests’ preferences. They also have live stations where guests can make their own s’mores or desserts. They have been specializing in kiddie parties, as well, so their food will be a sure hit for kids and kids at heart.

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Gabrielle’s Appetizers and Desserts

0917 302 0942

Grazing tables are in and if you want to be the talk of the town after your party, then this is the catering service for you. They can customize their catering depending on the theme or your choice of cuisine. We love their Filipino spread with kakanin, ensaymada and other Pinoy merienda favorites!

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If you are looking for a catering service that will help you with different occasions, here are some of our favourites. Do you have any suggestions to add?