CATALYST: Breaking Chains as Change

The chains of sufferings, alongside pandemic, brought heavy weights on each shoulder. No matter where the eyes meet upon in this worrisome time, the pandemic brought change in the society today, especially in the nation, Philippines. Individuals and communities have distanced themselves to their loved ones, as part of responsibly following the safety protocols and also for their loved one’s security and wellness. Students have also faced the hardships of online classes and it is also evident that the beloved frontliners fight this season of pandemic. Although, it was also the time that brought each other closer with their families. Yet, most frontliners have not seen their own families for a while as they have their oath to save lives.

As part of the organization of UA&P CATALYST, one of the visions is to provide students with opportunities for meaningful service to community and society especially the needy. CATALYST of UA&P hope to accomplish this by organizing various outreaches on a regular basis. The mission is to be able to organize outreach programs on a regular basis, providing the basic goods and services (food, clothing, shelter and health care) for individuals, groups and communities in need.

This year, CATALYST is optimistically executing the works of a medical mission entitled “Breaking the Surface: Catalyst Medical Mission 2021.”  The aim of this event is to provide and share medical consultations to the staff of UA&P as a means of lovingly expressing a blessed dedication and service to the UA&P community. The said medical mission will be done through the online platform of Zoom. Additionally, CATALYST of UA&P will organize a two-week fundraiser program for the medical kits and fiesta packages that they plan to give out. The said fundraising event will be held from April 4 to April 18.

CATALYST of UA&P would like to thank its external partners for this event: Unified Youth of San Joseno, DASIG Party, UA&P Merchandising Committee, UA&P EMA, Final Bistro, PHAROS UA&P, SInE, UA&P H.O.P.E.S, UA&P PEER, Liberal Youth, as well as media partners, De La Salle University’s Official Radio Station Green Giant FM, Wave 89.1, and 

For more details and information and updates, you may visit CATALYST OF UA&P’s Facebook Page, Catalyst of UA&P, or follow their Instagram page, @catalyst_uap.

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