Cat Cafe Manila Has Closed: How Can You Help?

Last March, Cat Cafe Manila announced that they would be closing due to difficulties sustaining operations. They even reached out for help and received overwhelming support and several offers to continue their cause. Thanks to this, they were able to operate beyond May while entertaining the prospect of investors. They were able to extend their lease in their current space for three months, but that expired yesterday.

Sadly, even with all the help, the cafe was no longer sustainable and they were no longer able to continue running operations. The cafe is officially closed, but we are hoping alongside them that their cause will remain alive, so that they can resume operations sometime in the future.

IMG 1319

As for their cats, they have been retured to CARA as they explore the future of the cafe. If you know anybody who might want to adopt the cafe, please do email or send them a message on Facebook here.

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