The Cast of ‘Record of Youth’ Shares Their Thoughts on Their Characters and Chemistry On-Screen

Have you started watching ‘Record of Youth’ on Netflix yet? ‘Record of Youth’ revolves around childhood friends Sa Hye-jun (Park Bo-gum) and Won Hae-hyo (Byeon Woo-seok) who are both models breaking into acting. While working, they meet An Jeong-ha (Park So-dam), who is a budding makeup artist.

Coming from different backgrounds, each of them has contrasting ordeals and family situations. All three encounter love, trials, and friendship as they experience youth – and so far, the series is downright amazing. Watch the trailer here:


We got to ask the cast members a few questions about their roles on the show and here’s what we learned:

Occupation-wise as a model-turned-actor, Woo-seok’s character is quite similar to his own. However, Woo-seok points out that Hae-hyo also has different charms. Hae-hyo was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and is very free and optimistic because of it. However, he can’t stand the attention surrounding the benefits he gets for his wealthy background and works to overcome it.

While he may appear free of worry and happy to others, he actually has a lot of inner pain and works hard. “Please empathize with Hae-hyo and cheer him on,” Woo-seok pleads. Woo-seok also shares that although he has walked a lot of runways in the past, he still felt nervous while filming. (So cute!) To prepare, he watched videos of his previous runway walks and practiced through simulations. (So hard-working!)

Park Bo-gum’s character, Hye-jun, is very rational and independent in his values. He is also truthful and has strong preferences. Bo-gum shares he tried to become more similar to him while filming. “I tried to portray a realistic person around my age who has a dream,” he adds – and he definitely did this perfectly.

He also shares that he took diverse reference materials such as fashion show runway videos, pictorials, and interviews into account while practicing in his spare time. “People around me told me that confidence is the key,” he adds. “I faced everything while having confidence.”

An Jeong-ha is a bright character with strong willpower. She doesn’t rest and persistently works towards her goals while maintaining a cool demeanor all throughout. I believe her character is someone every woman should look up to.

Park So-dam shares some advice for those who are going through some trying times right now: “While working to get closer to reaching your dreams, do not be overcome when you face reality or despair. Stay steady and find your way toward your goals by overcoming things with a positive mindset.”

In terms of filming together, Bo-gum shares that they were always happy and laughing on set, which led to them having to retake scenes. I can’t wait to watch the bloopers at the end of the show now (please, please, pleeeeease have them!) “I was very joyful on my way to filming,” Bo-gum beams.

So-dam agrees with Bo-gum’s statement, saying that the set was happy and cheerful. Woo-seok adds that he was able to learn a lot and have fun filming thanks to his co-stars, who opened their hearts to him and approached him comfortably. “It felt like time flew by even though we didn’t do anything special. It was like spending time with friends,” he reminisces. “I am confident that the fun and pleasant atmosphere on set will translate to the screen.”

Have you started watching ‘Record of Youth’ yet? What do you think of the show so far? 🙂

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