Cast Of Mean Girls Reunite For Iconic Phone Conversation

October 3 is an iconic date for the Mean Girls movie and since its release, it has been a meme that everyone uses. On Lindsay Lohan’s Instagram, she posted a video of Tina Fey asking people to participate for #MeanGirlsDay where people can register, verify voters’ registration, request mail-in ballot, or volunteer as a pollster for the US Elections. If the link they gave hit 5,000 registrations, they will be posting a surprise video- which is the cast reunion video 🙂

Mean Girls is definitely one of the most iconic movies and we are blessed to see these cast members together again as they recreate the phone call between Cady, Regina, Karen, and Gretchen.

Tina Fey and Katie Couric got all the casts of Mean Girls together not just for the iconic phone call but for a quick reunion and interview.

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