The Cast Members of ‘The Rising’ Share What It Was Like Filming in Freezing Water

What would it be like to live in a different plane of existence? Watch Neve Kelly (Clara Rugaard) navigate through this exact horrifying predicament in The Rising, an 8-part British crime drama with a supernatural twist. Neve uses her newfound paranormal abilities to seek justice and catch her killer. But as she digs deeper into her life, buried secrets start to rise, and Neve — along with the audience — starts to piece together clues to the puzzle of her murder.

The Rising

Buzzing with excitement for the whole world to enjoy their masterpiece, the show’s lead writer and executive producer share why they chose to film in the chilly mountains of England’s Lake District and what made them decide on the show’s powerful opening scene.

Talking about why they picked the Lake District as the show’s setting, Julian Stevens, executive producer, said, The Lake District is this ancient space that has this sense of isolation that we wanted to portray in this. The exterior locations are a combination of the Lake District and the Peak District. It gives us this sense of epic scale and enclosure, that sense of the mountains surrounding you and you feeling very tiny in that landscape. That’s what we tried to capture in that opening scene how much of a little dot Neve would be in the lake and how terrifying it would be to find yourself in that situation.

Asked if the story’s powerful opening sequence of Neve floating in the lake was planned from the beginning, lead writer and executive producer Peter McTighe said, “Yes, it was there from the beginning. There is something primal about water and rebirth. I wanted the show to be anchored by the environment and the elements. The Lake District and the Peak District where we shot play a huge part in setting the mood and tone much like Twin Peaks did back in the day – the way that David Lynch and Mark Frost used that landscape is so evocative.”

Looking back to when they filmed the show, The Rising’s lead cast recall filming in the freezing water and how the show’s setting made an impact on them as actors.

Lead actress Clara Rugaard who plays Neve Kelly and who spent the most time submerged in the lake, recounts her experience and said, “Ooh, bit nippy. I mean it was fun. It’s fun to complain in the moment because it was freezing and my lips were blue but you come away with such amazing experiences. I would never have done that had I not had to. It was invigorating. I do take cold showers from time to time now after that because of the whole Wim Hof idea. But it was freezing.”

Solly McLeod who plays Joseph Wyatt, Neve Kelly’s boyfriend, also talked about his fair share of wading in the freezing water: “It was really good fun, but it was cold. It was the first day of filming for me. I was literally thrown in the deep end of a 50 ft to 100 ft deep lake. That was probably just what I needed. Any nervousness I had was washed away by this ice cold water. It was super-hard-hitting, super-emotional. So to get that out of the way and be around all the other cast was really good. I was so immersed in it.”