Casino to Rise Beside Museo Pambata: Mother Asks Help to Stop This. Sign the Petition Here!

Museo Pambata has been part and parcel of my childhood. As a batang 90s, I reveled in the exhibits of the sole children’s museum in Manila. And now, as a mother, I pass that sense of awe and wonder to my own child. And despite the mushrooming of museums here and there, Museo Pambata still strikes a sense of nostalgia which is why I am adamant on keeping it as it was decades ago, along with its noble causes and affordable entrance fees.


Lately, Museo Pambata is struggling against the construction of a casino right beside its lot. The former Army Navy Club is being converted into a resort which decided to throw in a casino for good measure. The development violates the R.A. No. 979, amended by R.A. No. 1224, which prohibits the establishment of a casino within a radius of fifty (50) lineal meters from any public building, school, hospital, or church. As a place of learning, Museo Pambata deserves to be free from these influences that may negatively affect children’s perspectives. And well, it’s downright disrespectful.

So, to all those with memories of Museo Pambata or those that want to make more memories there, please, I urge you to sign the petition. If there are any suggestions on how else this case can move forward, don’t hesitate to contact the museum’s staff through their Facebook page at

Sign the petition here


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