Cascade: GAP 2016

Main Posters

         Given the reputation of the Ateneo Management Engineering Association (MEA) as one of the premier organizations in the Ateneo de Manila University and home to over 750 outstanding ManagementEngineering students, MEA highly values its role of serving its members and with that, the organization continuously seeks for avenues to fulfill this responsibility. As such, MEA holds an array of events and projects that are geared towards advancing not just the academic capabilities of its members, but also the development of their leadership skills and business acumen, to offer a holistic and well-rounded experience.

         One of these various events is GAP, which begins with a General Assembly to introduce MEA’s newest batch of freshmen to the organization’s various projects, while allowing them to interact with both old and new members.

GAP then culminates with the General Assembly Party, where the organization celebrates its new members and kick starts the school year with a bang.