Casa de Memoria Opens Its Doors for Online Auction Primero 2023

Casa de Memoria’s first auction for 2023 is here, and they are welcoming both seasoned and budding collectors to place their bids!

What to Expect From Casa de Memoria’s Online Auction Primero 2023

Going under the hammer are 143 lots — all vibrant, vintage, and valuable objets d’art, bridging both cultures of East and West, the present and the past. Carrying with them a part of our global history, from centuries-old to modern paintings, to bronze sculptures of varying scale, Ming dynasty artifacts, an 18th century Santo Niño ivory, and vintage jewelry collection.

Set for March 25, the Lhuillier-run auction house is now open for viewing. “As we open The Casa’s doors for our first auction this year, we want to present objects that are fresh to the eye. We continue to bring pieces that carry rich histories with them. But for this Primero Auction, we playfully highlight some contemporary pieces as well. This Casa Primero will definitely pique the interest of different collectors, both seasoned and new,” notes Angelique Lhuillier, Director of Casa de Memoria.

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Photo from Casa de Memoria

“The leitmotif of this auction is actually best captured by our cover featuring Lot 041,” explains Camille Lhuillier-Albani, General Manager of Casa de Memoria.

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Photo from Casa de Memoria

She adds, “this Orientalist oil painting curiously represents various contradictions. On one hand, you have both a human subject and still life in one. On the other, there is a hint of a modern cityscape as background to this archaistic male figure. Plus the fact that this Lot is done likely by a younger artist following the legacy of a Spanish modern master, is itself a testament how art always serves as a vessel of time, passing on the lessons of the past to those who would love and collect these pieces anew.”

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Photo from Casa de Memoria

“People often say that our auctions cater lots with history. But the truth is, even if your piece does not yet have a history with it, we can help you find their stories lost in time. And by retelling their stories, we help collectors to appreciate these pieces more. In turn, our auctions also help these pieces find their new home,” adds Angelique.

Casa de Memoria’s Preview is at the Palacio de Memoria, a pre-war seaside estate that survived the carpet bombing of Manila and is a recipient of the 2020 National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) Philippine Heritage Awards for adaptive reuse. Hence, a visit to the Palacio is itself a history walkthrough.

Join Casa de Memoria’s Online Auction via Invaluable on March 25, Saturday at 2pm.

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