Cartoon Yourself or Your Loved Ones with Tiger Blaez’ Cool Caricatures

Cartoon Yourself or Your Loved Ones with Tiger Blaez’ Cool Caricatures 

When in Manila, do you ever run out of creative gift ideas for your loved ones? Yeah, I do, too. Well, meet Tiger Blaez: the ultimate master of creativity and maker of amazing gifts! :D

Cartoon Yourself – How Does It Work?

Well, in a nutshell, Tiger Blaez can take a photo – any photo – of a person and turn it into a fun cartoon caricature of your choice that you can then post on your social media networks (coz, let’s face it: people are addicted to social media nowadays), use on your online spaces as you see fit, and share with your friends and family!

Cartoon Yourself

Blaesius Ong is a multimedia artist graduate from CSB BA Multimedia Arts. 
He specialises in cartoon graphics and design and lives in Caloocan City. He has been doing graphic work since 2009.

To get your own caricature, this is all that you have to do:

Step 1: Send a clear closeup picture of your face with a nice expression for the custom caricature.

I know nothing about art and am not a great judge of photos, so I just sent Blaez to my social media networks and told him to choose a photo himself. He chose this one from my Instagram account:



Step 2: Indicate your hero, cartoon character or clothing style, so he can customise the design to fit your character design.

Obviously, I chose… dun dun dun dunnn… WONDER WOMAN!!!

Cartoon Yourself

The best part is that you can add a special scene or background to your orders, too. Want to be running off into the sunset or into Ryan Gosling’s chiseled arms? Just explain exactly what you need and Tiger Blaez can get it done.

Check out some of our other awesome When in Manila x Tiger Blaez caricatures:

Cartoon Yourself

 Haresh Daswani as Iron Man

Cartoon Yourself

Vince Golangco as Cyclops

Cartoon Yourself



Sheila Suyat as The White Queen



Step 3: After talking about what you want, make the necessary payment.

Tiger Blaez typically charges Php700 to Php1000 for customized work, though this will depend on how much detail needs to be placed into it. The more details that you give with your request, though, the better. If you want two people in your artwork with a custom background or a birthday message, you can get that for only Php1250! 

Cartoon Yourself

Blaez accepts payments via bank deposit and PayPal and payments have to be made before he starts the artwork. Don’t worry, though. He is tried and tested. :) Also, Blaez works really fast. Once the payment has been settled, you can expect to get your artwork within 48 hours! How awesome is that?

So, when in Manila and looking for a creative way to jazz up your online sites, prettify your rooms or surprise your loved ones; get a Tiger Blaez caricature done. You’re gonna love it! I’m actually thinking about getting a barkada picture done… let’s see how much detail Blaez can really handle. :p

Tiger Blaez’ Online Caricature Custom Service




Cartoon Yourself or Your Loved Ones with Tiger Blaez’ Cool Caricatures

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