Carnival Food Park’s Halloween Event was Truly Exciting and Fun

Nightmare02 Final 1

Time to wake up from the best nightmare you ever had! Carnival Food park’s Halloween

event was truly exciting and fun. It was a night filled with fun games, awesome giveaways, and

scrumptious meals.

            A number of little monsters came that night to get their sweet treats provided by our tenant sat our trick or treat activity. The kids wore their best Halloween costumes and they truly were the cutest monsters of the night.

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            We cannot forget about our very own staff’s costume contest! They truly brought their A-

game by wearing their creepiest costumes. We also made time to judge the best stall design contest and we would like to congratulate Amazing Churros for a job well done in making their stall the scariest of them all.

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            We prepared games in which our guests were able to participate and get their chance at

winning awesome freebies from our sponsors. The teams were full of enthusiasm and

competitiveness that even if you were just watching the game you would have surely gotten off of your seat out of excitement.

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            All throughout the night, our guests took their time in playing detective, trying to look for Bob’s murderer in our Murder Mystery Game. They were able to interview the main suspects and put together the clues to find their path towards the real murderer. It was released that night that the true killer was Miller the Mime and it was declared as a crime of passion. He was madly and deeply in love with Lara, Bob’s wife and he needed him out of the picture. The investigation was a success thanks to Team Loner the group of detectives that were able to solve the mystery.

            To celebrate the success of solving the mystery we ended the event with a thrilling and

exciting classic horror movie, Stephen King’s It (1990). The guests enjoyed the night and all

the activities we had prepared for them. The event will not be possible without the help of our

sponsors namely, Philippine Science Centrum, Regent Food Corporation,

World’s of Fun, and Bahay Trese.