Carmudi: Easy Car Shopping Right At Your Fingertips

Imagine if shopping for your next car was as easy as grocery shopping.

Now, imagine if that grocery-like shopping experience was right at your fingertips!

That’s exactly what Carmudi offers, an online platform for car classifieds and shopping, without you having to leave your seat. You can buy or sell your car, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle in the fastest possible way! You can gain access to over 300,000 vehicles on your phone, and searching and comparing has been made much easier.

Carmudi app

In a way, it’s sort of like an online dating site– only this matchmaker pairs you up with the car that’s perfect for you. While most consumers look for cars based on car brand and price range, Carmudi takes this a step further with the following features: sophisticated search filters, where you can shop based on your lifestyle preference by selecting options that fit your specific needs; transparent and trusted listings, where a Carmudi account manager verifies each and every car through personal visits; price negotiation options with sellers, and quick notifications through e-mail and text. 

The all-new Carmudi Android app makes this even much easier with a slicked-up redesign that elevates your car shopping experience.

  • Send friends and family car listings: Now, you can ask your family and friends on their opinions on car listings, and even send them listings they may be interested in.
  • Use the app even on slow internet connection: The Carmudi app is designed to work seamlessly even in countries with slow internet connection (aka: the Philippines). So wherever you may be, shopping for that dream car will be a breeze.
  • Find your dream car on the map: You can now pin-point the exact location of your dream car thanks to Google Maps, and make your way to that car seller in order to seal the deal.
  • Better buyer-seller communication: Communication between buyer and seller becomes easier and more consistent, as sellers are notified immediately and are sent a message when there is an interested buyer. Conversely, buyers are notified when a new car upload is made that matches the criteria of their saved searches!

Carmudi app map

Whether you’re looking for your dream car or helping others find theirs, there’s no need to run to your nearest car dealer. With the new Carmudi Android App, the most sophisticated and hassle-free car platform is right at your fingertips. All it takes is a download from the Google Play store.


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