WHEN IN MANILA, cosmetics are always fun to play with for all the ladies out there whether you’re six, sixteen, or even sixty. But with the hard times coming sometimes beauty junkies out there wonder if cosmetics are still on the must splurge on list. Fret not When In Manila beauty junkies because Carmen Clare is here to save the day.


Carmen Claire, an online local cosmetic brand, offers cosmetics that are up to par with high end brands like MAC and Shu Uemura but have price tags similar to drugstore brands like Maybelline and Revlon. I was so lucky because just a few days before Christmas, I received a sparkly loot bag from Carmen Claire with their sparkliest products to date!










I must say all of Carmen Claire’s products are amazing! So let me introduce you guys to each of the sparkly cosmetics of Carmen Claire.








(Php 650)





With 7 am classes to attend on a daily basis, I don’t have the time to slowly put on foundation and all the necessary products to make my skin look flawless. With this BB cream from Carmen Claire, time constraint ladies everywhere rejoice as it makes your skin look perfect in under a minute!






(Php 525)





Carmen Claire’s Covert Ops in Neutralize is now my number one go-to in covering up my dark circles, horrific eye bags, and random breakouts. With the pink and green correctors and three shades of concealers, you’ll always look perfectly flawless even after battling a gruesome Math midterm exam, staying up late for that irresistable Awkward marathon, and even after partying wild till 6 am!






(Php 525)





Personally, bronzers are a must for me if I don’t want people to mistake me as a white lady parading around town. But for the beautiful “morenas” out there, Carmen Claire’s Solar Powder acts not just a bronzer but as an eye shadow and eye brow powder too!






(Php 275)





Blush is a must to make your cheeks pop with just the right amount of color. Carmen Claire’s blush powders are perfect for a lunch with mom and for night outs with your girlfriends.








(Php 275)





Carmen Claire’s newest offering is their All Nighter Liner. I’m a huge sucker for eye liners and mascaras as they never fail to make the eyes pop and stand out. I must say, Carmen Claire’s liquid eye liner is my new holy grail. I can’t wait for them to release their own mascaras too.









(Php 275)





Carmen Claire’s lipstick in Brave Berry is perfect for gals who are trying to achieve the day to night look. This lipstick will make any gal look brave and fearless without looking over the top or trying too hard.






(Php 275)





For girls who are going for the more natural look who wants just a bit of pinkness in their lips, then Carmen Claire’s lipstick in Tres Chic is the perfect lippie for you!






(Php 325)





For those days when I feel extra girly, a lipstick alone just won’t do so I go for a sparkly lip gloss to perk up my day. Carmen Claire’s Supergloss in Wit makes me feel pretty, witty, and bright with just one swipe. Okay maybe two.









(Php 1200)





No matter how good your make up is, if you’re not armed with the perfect brushes, then your make up is not as perfect as you think. So arm yourself with Carmen Claire’s Top 10 Brushes. With brushes made from goat hair and synthetic hair, you’ll turn that 6.5 look into a 10.



So if you’re a six year old playing with your mom’s make-up, a sixteen year old experimenting with cosmetics or even a sixty year old enhancing your best features, check out Carmen Claire Cosmetics and turn that 6.5 look to a 10 WHEN IN MANILA.



P.S. If you feel lost in the world of cosmetics, feel free to shoot founder of Carmen Claire, Ms. Carmen, a text or an e-mail. Trust me, she won’t bite and she gives out the best make up tips ever!





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