Carlos Celdran Shifts From “Damaso” To “Basura Bunny”

Most known for his controversial “Damaso” stint when he protested the Catholic Church’s anti-Reproductive Health Bill stance at an ecumenical meeting, Carlos Celdran took on a different persona as the “Basura Bunny” during a recent trip to Baguio City, according to his Instagram and Facebook pages.

Carlos Celdran Basura Bunny 2

According to his social media posts, Carlos spent an entire afternoon wearing a pink bunny headband, while picking up litter in Camp John Hay that various tourists had left behind, irked at how Filipinos “threw their trash everywhere”, especially in vacation spots. 

Carlos Celdran Basura Bunny 1

Carlos also encouraged people to wear funny outfits and pick up trash “in full view of Filipinos”, and was disappointed that most of the garbage he found were in children’s play areas.

In a series of Instagram posts, Carlos captioned the following:

Ladies and Gentlemen. Meet Basura Bunny. He spent yesterday afternoon walking around picking up garbage on the Yellow Trail in Camp John Hay. When someone would approach and call him Damaso, he’d say “No. I am not Damaso today, I am the Basura Bunny and i don’t like it when Filipinos throw their trash everywhere.” Some took selfies with him too. He hopes other bunnies or people in funny outfits could pick up garbage in full view of Filipinos. It was a great way to bring attention to the issue. The bunny was however horrified to see that most of the litter he found were from kiddie snacks, candies, and plastic soda bottles. Children really should be taught not to pollute the planet. The worst thing he found were Toblerone wrappers. Seriously, anyone who can afford Toblerone should KNOW that they should dispose of their waste in a trash can or keep it in their pocket. Only monkeys throw garbage anywhere they like. Monkeys. Not good bunnies.

Carlos Celdran Basura Bunny 3

Of course, tourists who recognized him took selfies with him!

Carlos Celdran Basura Bunny 4

Carlos said that it was a great way to bring attention to the issue of pollution, and that kids should really be taught “not to pollute the planet”.

What do you think of Carlos Celdran’s action? What can you say about the problem of polluted areas in tourist spots?

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