Carlos Celdran Might Face Jail Time for “Offending Religious Feelings”

Carlos Celdran Might Face Jail Time for “Offending Religious Feelings”


Artist and Cultural Activist Carlos Celdran is set to appeal before the Supreme Court for a protest at the Manila Cathedral in 2010 where he interrupted a meeting at the Manila Cathedral with a placard saying Damaso in protest of the Catholic Church’s opposition to the Reproductive Health Bill.


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He was found guilty of violating Article 133 ofthe Revised Penal Code that punishes anyone who “in a place of worship or during the celebration of any religious ceremony, shall perform acts notoriously offensive to the feelings of the faithful.” He is set to appeal at the Supreme Court after rejecting his defense on Freedom-Of-Speech grounds.

Many of Celdran’s followers have showed their support on social media comparing the act to the previous terror attack in France where journalists of a satirical newspaper were killed because of publishing cartoons that are thought to have offended the Muslims.




On a Facebook, Celdran posted this statement:

“It saddens me to hear this decision upholding my conviction for “Offending Religious Feelings”. I’m sad not only for my case in particular, but for the Philippines as well. This conviction is just a symptom of a larger disease. There is a bigger picture of corruption and patronage in the Philippine justice system. We need to address these issues if ever we are to move forward as a people. This case will now be elevated to the Supreme Court to question the law itself and hopefully have Article 133 removed from the Penal Code altogether. This archaic law which which suppresses freedom of speech has no place in modern Philippine society. The timing of this decision couldn’t be more poignant as well. Hopefully The Papal visit will highlight Pope Francis’ sincere agenda of seeking true social justice. May his visit inspire reflection within the CBCP and all Filipinos.”

He also called upon Pope Francis especially now that he is to visit the Philippines

Dear ‪#‎PopeFrancisPH ‪#‎Pontifex My name is Carlos Celdran and I am a citizen of the ‪#‎Philippines and a Catholic. Today, I received news that my legal appeal was denied. I am one step closer to being incarcerated for the crime of “offending the religious feelings” of Filipino bishops back in September 30, 2010 (article 133 of Philippine Penal Code). Please have a word with the bishops of the Philippines. Truth be told, I don’t mind going to jail. I only wish that your message of forgiveness, reason, and tolerance finally reaches their hearts and their minds. I heartfully hope this message reaches you and thank you for your consideration. Love, a humble member of your Filipino flock. Carlos Celdran.



Carlos Celdran Might Face Jail Time for “Offending Religious Feelings”