Carlos Celdran Furious at Robinson’s Place Manila Over Bike Handcuffing Incident

Carlos Celdran Furious at Robinson’s Place Manila Over Bike Handcuffing Incident


One of Manila’s best tour guides and most outspoken activists is furious! 

Carlos Celdran has some beef with Robinson’s Place Manila over a bike handcuffing incident. Check out Carlos Celdran’s post below:


My ‪#‎puñeta‬ of the day. F*** YOU Robinson’s Place Malate. No. Seriously. F*** you from all the bottom of my green heart. After shooing me away from the motorcycle parking, “unless I owned a condo”, your rent-a-cop guards f***ing LOCK my bike with handcuffs???

Who the f*** do you think you are?? Above the motherf***ing law?

Robinson’s is still on Manila soil and you cannot make your own rules – It is NOT illegal to park a bike by a grill – ANYWHERE!

I park my bike innocently by the Italianni’s OUTSIDE (And Italianni’s WAS OKAY WITH MY BIKE), and your guards lock it up as if they were the f****** MMDA? F*** you and f*** them. It’s simply because YOU (ROBINSON’S DEVELOPMENT) DON’T GIVE A S*** about PROPER URBAN planning (s****y roads, shitty parking, s****y condos, shitty road planning, s****y accessibility), I had NO CHOICE but to lock my bike there. Robinson’s – F*** you. And as for you Gokongweis – Get your s*** together.

EVERYTHING YOU OWN is mediocre. Seriously. Stop kidding yourself.  ‪

#‎sharetheroad‬ ‪#‎bicyclerightsforall‬‪ #‎f***ROBINSONS‬ ‪ #‎Gokongwei‬ 

Bikers – share this shit till the f****** cows come home.



The scene of my bike parked on the grill of Italianni’s OUTSIDE of the mall. Italianni’s was OKAY with me parking there.


Carlos-Celdran-vs-Robinsons-Place-Manila-Bike-Parking-Handcuffs 2

The HANDCUFFS on my “criminal bicycle”… Fucking hypocrite Robinson’s. Do they claim to be eco friendly and green? Well, if they don’t give a shit about mobility and green transportation, they better stop making that claim.


Carlos-Celdran-vs-Robinsons-Place-Manila-Bike-Parking-Handcuffs 3

The Robinson’s security feverishly removing the handcuffs after they fucking realized what they did was ILLEGAL. Of course, screaming at them and recognising who I am helped. I pity any other poor biker who would be victimized by this mall. Bikers – NEVER go to Robinson’s. F*** ’em.


Thanks to all the Bike enthusiasts who share my anger about Robinson’s Malate’s backward ideas about sustainable transport. Hate that place.


What do you think of the malls actions? What do you think of Carlos Celdran’s thoughts? 


Carlos Celdran Furious at Robinson’s Place Manila Over Bike Handcuffing Incident