Carbon dioxide emissions have dramatically lessened because of the quarantine

According to and researchers from Nature Climate Change, CO2 emissions have drastically dropped ever since quarantines and lockdowns were put into effect all over the world. Because of COVID-19, many countries have asked people to remain at home and only leave to buy essentials. Only medical workers and other frontliners have been allowed out, reducing carbon emissions from transport and power consumption.

According to, carbon emissions globally have dropped 17% from its usual, going down to about 80 million metric tons from 100 million.

This could hopefully lower our emissions below what we generated in 2019 and even continue to limit CO2 emissions over the years in order to sustain the environment. Hopefully, we can keep it up even after the pandemic is over. Let’s all do our part! Stay indoors! Support causes that help our frontliners! And keep healthy!

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