10 Car Accessories You Need For Every Road Trip

Summer is officially here. That means that it’s also the season for travel and road trips, especially with restrictions easing up all over the country.

If you’re planning a road trip (or multiple road trips!) with your barkada or family, it’s important to prepare your car as well! And we’re not just talking about the crucial parts of the car that should be maintained before leaving.

Here are some car accessories you can get from Lazada that will make your road trips a bit more convenient:

cup holder

Photo from Lazada

10. This cup holder and organizer is the perfect accessory if you love your to-go drinks during long drives. It easily adds more cup holders to your car and even gives extra space for your other travel essentials. You can just place it in the gap between the seats and enjoy the additional holders. Buy this cup holder and organizer here!


Photo from Lazada

9. Always put safety first, especially in the heat of the summer. Never leave the home without this portable fire extinguisher. These small fire extinguisher bottles won’t take up much space in your car, making it convenient while adding safety precautions. Buy these portable fire extinguishers here!

car tray

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8. Looking forward to quick drive-thru meals in the middle of your road trip? Make it more convenient to eat even without stepping out of your car with this steering wheel tray. It’s easily attachable and sturdy enough to hold all of your food. Buy this car tray here!

backseat storage

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7. This hanging trunk storage will add so much more luggage space to your car. This hanging multi-pocket organizer is also perfect if you’ve got delicate items sitting in the backseat of your car. Buy this car trunk storage here!

backseat organizer

Photo from Lazada

6. Maximize every space of your car for additional storage with this backseat organizer. Just hang it in the back of your seats. This organizer can hold all of your road trip essentials—tissue paper, water bottles, and power banks. Buy this backseat organizer here!

car bed

Photo from Lazada

5. Planning for an extra-long road trip? Be ready for quick roadside naps with this inflatable bed that’s designed exactly for car seats. Inflate it with the air pump and it will fit perfectly in the backseat of your car, creating a more comfortable space for you to take a quick nap. Buy this inflatable car bed here!

car charger

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4. Don’t let low batteries ruin your trip. Make sure that everyone’s phones are charged throughout your road trip with this USB car charger. It’s fast charging and has four USB ports, allowing everyone to have a chance at charging. Buy this 4-port car charger here!

trash can

Photo from Lazada

3. This trash can will make sure that your car will stay clean and neat throughout your travels. Its portable size is perfect for saving as much space as possible. Buy this car trash can here!

car air purifier

Photo from Lazada

2. This portable air purifier helps keep your car smell nice and keep any unwanted air bacteria away during your road trip. No matter how dusty or smelly it may be on the road, this air purifier will let you enjoy your travels worry-free. Buy this car air purifier here!

car toilet

Photo from Lazada

1. Do you hate having to frantically look for a bathroom while you’re in the middle of nowhere with no gas stations in sight? This portable car toilet will help keep you ready for any kind of emergency. If you’re worried about the smell, this comes with a deodorant curing agent, too. Buy this portable car toilet here!

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