Capcom is Launching a Mini Arcade with 16 Games

With mini consoles becoming sort of a trend, Capcom is about to follow suit. The Capcom Home Arcade, as they will be calling it, is a plug-and-play system with an arcade control setup and with 16 of our favorite classic arcade games built into it, which can be played on a TV. The actual device is shaped like the Capcom logo. Watch the trailer of it here:

The setup is pretty simple, but what sets this system apart from other similar ones is that you can connect it to a Wi-Fi connection to get onto global leaderboards online. Obviously, this is important because let’s face it: that was the most important part of any arcade game, wasn’t it – to get onto the leaderboards? :p

The 16 games included in the system offers a pretty good mix of fighting games, shooting games, and more. Here is the full list: ‘1944: The Loop Master’, ‘Alien vs. Predator’, ‘Armored Warriors’, ‘Capcom Sports Club’, ‘Captain Commando’, ‘Cyberbots’, ‘Darkstalkers’, ‘Eco Fighters’, ‘Final Fight’, ‘Ghouls n Ghosts’, ‘Gigawing’, ‘Mega Man: The Power Battle’, ‘Progear’, ‘Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting’, ‘Strider’, and ‘Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo’.

The Capcom Home Arcade is set to be available this October 2019. Prices in the Philippines have not been released yet.

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