Cap-A-Holic: A Cap Collector’s Community

Are you into caps? Want to know more about caps and cap collecting? When in Manila, you can take this interest to Cap-A-Holic: a community of 16,000 cap lovers and collectors with the aim to inspire more filipinos to collect hats and make it as their passion.


It was 2012, at the peak of sneaker collecting, when Jeff Verano of SSO clothing decided to build a group whose foundation would be the members’ love for caps. The whole purpose of the group is to obtain knowledge and information about hats. The topics range from rare hat finds from different countries, authenticity of the caps, latest hat releases, history of the caps, and even trending topics in the communit


At the end of each month, Cap-A-Holic members meet with the goal of making their community stronger. They also discuss ways to encourage cap collecting & inspire people who want to start. A big gathering of the collectors is in the works, set to happen before the end of the year. 


Awesome caps! I especially love the Star Wars ones! Photos from Jeff Verano.


The group, aside from aspiring for the Philippines to be known worldwide as a strong cap collecting country, hopes that more international cap brands would establish stores in the country and create Filipino inspired caps. 

Interested? Check out Cap-A-Holic on Facebook! You may just have found your new hobby.