Can You Spot What’s Wrong With This Sign?

And no, we’re not talking about the initiative behind it.

Quezon City has become part of an admirable initiative in cooperation with UN Women, spearheading the UN Women Safe Cities Global Initiative in the Philippines, becoming the 25th city in the world to join the cause!

It comes as no surprise then that they put up all these signs around the city — but as netizen Manuel Lorenzo Aldeguer has pointed out, something seems to be amiss.

While all seems fine at first glance, it’s upon closer inspection that you spot the errors in the copy’s grammar and syntax, which can lead to confusion!

“Let’s Make QC Violence Free Against Women”. Ummm, when put that way, it could easily read as if the city is promoting free violence! Perhaps a clearer alternative would be: “Let’s KEEP QC Free Of Violence Against Women”.

What is even more ironic is that it’s being supported by an educational institution. Yikes.

To be fair, it was probably in effort of trying to limit the number of words on the sign that caused the unintentional error.

Look at the sign below:

QC Violence Free incorrect English

Thoughts on this? How would you edit the sign?