Add Camsur Watersport Complex in Bicol to Your Travel Bucket List

What’s your travel bucket list for 2020? Is it Siargao? Batanes? Boracay? Those destinations may be worth your while, but it can get pretty congested with so many tourists coming in, even during the low season! The Philippines has 7,641 islands, and there are a lot of uncommon places you can visit. One of them is Camarines Sur in the Bicol region.

Bicol is more than a home to the best Bicol Express in the country. It’s also the playground of adventurous souls seeking blood-pumping thrills set in the most picturesque nature backdrop. This holds especially true for Camarines Sur, a paradise where all sorts of sports activities await.

If you’re new to the province, it’s best to start at Camsur Watersport Complex.

Camsur Watersport Complex (or CWC) is the first world-class watersport resort in the Philippines and in Asia that offers exciting recreational activities from wakeboarding to stand-up paddling. These types of exertion are popular among the Westerners, which is why most of their guests are foreigners. However, it’s about time that Filipinos hop on the bandwagon, too!

Being the most prominent watersport complex in the country and Asia, it’s only right that CWC makes use of the best technology to provide a challenging yet safe arena for both experts and beginners.

They have a 6-point cable ski system for those who wish to enjoy wakeboarding, kneeboarding, waterskating, and waterskiing any time of the year. This area is for experts.

New to watersports? Don’t worry! They have a practice pond just beside the oval. There will be staff members to help you get the hang of it and to ensure your safety. And don’t be afraid to fall! It took me three tries before I managed to wakeboard from one end to another.

Rest for a bit after hours of aqualethics in their swimming pool just beside the cable system and clubhouse. It’s 4-6ft deep and faces the beautiful Mt. Isarog.

Want a chill sport to pass the time? Play billiards! It’s an enjoyable way to bond whilst appreciating the gentle breeze of the province.

A massage table overlooking Mt. Isarog? Yes, please! Book an hour (or two) to cap off a long and tiring day. With a view like this and impeccable service, you’ll end your adventure on a very good note.

Of course, CWC also has accommodations to complete your stay. From huts to modern villas, you can choose a room to your liking.

Villa (P7500) – 2 Pax

This is the grandest accommodation in CWC as it has its own mini bathtub and an exclusive swimming pool.

New Cabana (P2750) – 2 Pax

There’s the old Cabana and the new Cabana—both beautiful in their own ways. The new Cabana, as the name suggests, has a more modern look.

Wood Cabin Medium (P3595) – 2 Pax

Need a bigger space? Stay at the medium-sized Wood Cabin! It has a bedroom with a queen-sized bed and a living room with a twin bed. Got an extra person coming along? Just add P500/head!

Wood Cabin Small (P2725) – 2 Pax

The small Wood Cabin is similar in structure as the medium-sized one. The difference merely lies in the size of the place. It’s great for a more intimate setup for friends or families.

Once you’re famished from all of the activities, you can head to the Clubhouse and feast on all types of cuisine. From Filipino to American, they have it.

They also have a bar where you can enjoy a nightcap.

They have live bands playing sometimes, too, so it’s really a good spot to hang out and catch up over good drinks.

It will probably take a couple of days to fully experience the beauty of CWC. However, from there, you can also ask the front desk to guide you to other parts of Camarines Sur where you can go diving, spelunking, hiking, and so much more. Adventure is truly just around the corner.

How to Get There

Take a bus going to Naga Terminal. From there, you can either take a tricycle going to CWC or wait for the resort coaster to pick you up if you’re a checked-in guest.

Camsur Watersport Complex

Provincial Capitol Complex Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur

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