Camille Prats-Yambao is Sanosan’s New Ambassador!

Filipinos are known around the world for their hospitality, warmth, and genuine love for their families. Many Filipinos want the best that their money can buy for their loved ones, especially children. This is why talk-show host and celebrity mom Camille Prats-Yambao is always on the lookout for pure, natural, high-quality and affordable products that are safe for modern Filipina moms like her.

Early this year, Camille excited millions of her fans when she announced that she and her husband are expecting a daughter. Recently on her Instagram, she showed beautiful pictures from her latest photoshoot, and many complimented her healthy, glowing skin and look.
Camille recommends Sanosan Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, clinically proven to prevent and reduce stretch marks

In a special Baby Shower at Ibiza Beach Club in BGC, Camille finally unveiled her secret to achieving healthy skin during her pregnancy. Aside from a healthy diet and having a thankful and happy outlook in life, she also uses the specially formulated, organic, and natural skincare products from Sanosan.


Created by Mann & Schröder, a German company with over 60 years of experience developing high-quality skin and hair care products — Sanosan’s skincare solutions are effective because they are based on two pure and natural ingredients: olive oil and hydrolyzed milk protein.

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Olive oil is rich with powerful antioxidants and vitamins E, A & D, and has been used since ancient times as an effective yet gentle cleanser, moisturizer and protector of skin and hair. Milk is known to be healthy for the body, and it was also popularized by the ancient beauty Queen Cleopatra of Egypt, who was said to bathe in milk.

Today, experts have found that hydrolyzed milk contains amino acids and nutrients that rejuvenate tired skin by gently removing dead skin cells, and brightening one’s complexion safely and naturally.


Now, thanks to Myrna T. Yao, CEO of Richprime Global Inc. and Most Influential Filipina™ awardee, Filipinos have easy access to Germany’s best skincare products for mothers and their babies.

Myrna, a long-time champion for women’s advocacies, recounts when she first discovered Sanosan from Germany. “I was impressed with their hypoallergenic, pure and natural formula. I knew this would be something that will benefit Filipina moms and their children. We’re very happy that Camille is partnering with us to reach more Filipinos who can see for themselves how Sanosan PH can help them achieve healthier skin, naturally and affordably.”

Camille is excited for her princess to be born so she can start using Sanosan Baby Care products

Camille shares that she uses Sanosan’s Anti-Stretch Mark Cream at least twice a day. She raves, “I see that it’s really effective. The best part is: it’s more affordable than other brands in the market. I wouldn’t partner with just any brand – and I believe in Sanosan.”

With her delivery date coming soon, Camille’s excitement is hard to contain. “I’m so excited to meet my little girl na, so that I can start using Sanosan’s Baby Care line. I just know that bath time is going to be easier!” Camille shares enthusiastically. “Mabango sya and since it comes from all natural ingredients, I know I don’t have to worry about damaging my baby’s skin.”


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Sanosan Baby Care, Sanosan Natural Kids, Sanosan Anti-Stretch Mark Cream, Mom-To-Be Oil and other Sanosan Mama Care products are available online at Lazada, Baby Company, Kids Company, and in leading department stores all over the Philippines.

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