Calypso PH: The New Era of Bracelets

Article by Hannika Santos | Photos by Arah Reguyal

Noticing the lack of choices when it comes to stone bracelets in the Filipino market, Calypso PH was born to deliver. With the drive to create stylish stone bracelets that will cater to both men and women, the brand pushed forward.

Calypso PH was founded back in 2013 by a determined group of friends who wanted modern and timeless accessories that can go with anything and everything — whether it be casual, urban, or formal wear.

It was the founder’s love for Greek Mythology that inspired the brand to be named after the Greek deity Calypso. Not only does she have outstanding physical beauty, but she also possesses immense kindness to help mortals, which is what was missing from other Greek gods and goddesses.

We are definitely happy that such a brand exists because some people who want stone bracelets tend to find it hard to find good designs for them. You usually have to spend more time looking for something that will really give you a “jumping-for-joy” feeling after seeing them for the first time – and these pieces gave us just that!

Let’s start with their bestseller, also their best-known bracelet: The Distance Bracelets. According to their website, “The Distance Bracelets are made to ease the sadness of being away from your loved one with a piece to remember each other by”.

The white Howlite bracelet symbolizes the pureness of the relationship, while the black Hematite bracelet symbolizes the bond of the relationship (it has a magnetic feel). A great design with a touching and sentimental meaning? Sign me up!

The next set of bracelets is the New Era Collection, where old Japanese heritage meets the modern world. This collection was inspired by the urban Japanese lifestyle of today – where, even though Western fashion has already been widely adapted, the roots of their Eastern descent is still not forgotten in their everyday looks. The collection consists of five bracelets, each with a unique meaning.

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This is the Kamikaze bracelet, named after the divine Japanese wind and WWII aerial pilots. It expresses that confidence shows when one believes in their real and own style, regardless of what people say.

One of our personal favorites – the Haiku (first bracelet from the right) – is named after a short form of Japanese poetry. This bracelet showcases a creative and unique style that can inspire and empower people.

Another personal favorite, Kaizen, is named after the Japanese motto that means ‘continuous improvement’. This bracelet shows that style can be a combination of being strong and mild without losing one’s identity.

We know that the bracelets we have shown you so far have already gotten you excited, but there are still a lot of other bracelets to choose from at Calypso PH, all of which can be found on their website. Make sure to visit it!

In case you were wondering, the stones used for the bracelets come from reputable suppliers that import from other Asian countries, as well as various sources in the Philippines; but the designs themselves come from the creative ideas of Calypso PH’s founder.

Calypso PH’s collection of bracelets also conveniently has different sizes that you can choose from when you place an order. Made with quality stones, and handcrafted with durable, stretchy string; you won’t have to worry about breaking these bracelets.

Being inspired by the kind-hearted Calypso, the owners of Calypso PH also want to reflect that image by giving back to the community this season of giving. With the business growing extensively, they have partnered with the organization A Better Chance Foundation whose mission is to provide scholarships to Filipino students in need.

As such, a portion of their sales for the whole month of December will be given to this foundation. So, when you purchase a bracelet from them this month, remember that you will be giving two gifts this Christmas: one for your loved one, and one for the future of children who depend on scholarships for their education.

Calypso PH and their team continue to grow in making stone bracelets with modern and timeless designs that carry out their motto: Real stones for real people.

So, what are you waiting for? Visit their website now and start your Christmas shopping. We heard that they will be having a sale, too; so stay tuned!

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