Caloocan Has a City Ordinance that Prohibits Wearing Shorts in Public

Caloocan’s City Ordinance 0439 prohibits individuals from not wearing any upper piece of clothing and from wearing short shorts in public. If caught, the individual will get a warning on the first offense, a Php500 fine on the second offense, and Php1,000 on the third offense with imprisonment for two days.

If the individual fails to pay the fine, he or she will have to give public service by helping the Barangay sweep streets for two to four days.

According to reports by GMA 7’s Mav Gonzales, the barangay has been closely monitoring and implementing the ordinance for those who don’t wear t-shirts in public but not for those who wear short shorts.

Many netizens do not agree with this ordinance, especially now that the summer season is here. Gabriela has also said that the government should not push for a law that blames victims, connecting it with the growing rape culture in the Philippines. Many have also said that these types of clothes are not the reason why rape is prevalent. It is more on people’s mental problems and the fact that rape is currently being normalized.