Calling all travellers: 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss FlipTrip’s Next Travel Meetup


Summer’s over and the rainy season has begun. But who says you can’t go out when it’s raining? We say: “Let’s go dance in the rain”. We don’t have to chase summer to finish all our bucket list trips, because the Philippines is full of places we can explore!

Join FlipTrip’s 6th Travel Meetup this August 10, 2016 at BBZ BISTRO and BOTECO BRASIL at 6:30pm. Get first dibs on their new app, Tripkada, meet fellow travel-lovers, play games, and win prizes to help you get ready for your next adventures.

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Here are the top 10 reasons why you shouldn’t miss FlipTrip Travel Meetup VI:

  1. Fellow travellers are plenty, and #Flakers are few

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            If you’re #ForeverAlone, you don’t have to be. Travel Meetups are all about meeting new people and finding the ones you can go explore with. At FlipTrip’s Travel Meetups, everybody’s welcome to join, as long as you have an open mind and the thirst for adventure!

  1. Tight budget? No problem!

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            FlipTrip is launching it’s new and exciting app, TRIPKADA, that will make exploring every weekend (or at least every month) easier and more affordable for you! From day trips for 750 pesos, to entire weekend adventures and vacations for only 2,500-3,500 pesos. Yes, everything’s included!

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Road to Ultra Philippines Miller

            Miller Genuine Draft is welcoming the FIRST 200 explorers to arrive at the event with an ice cold beer. Better get there first!

  1. Check out the newly-opened Boteco Brasil PH

            A new bar has opened in Poblacion, Makati, and it’s amazing! Try some legit Brazilian food and drinks, especially their caipirinhas, and you’re sure to have a good night. If beer is your thing, it’s right on top of BBZ Bistro, and get your fill of perfectly ice cold beer from there.

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  1. New Challenges!


            Go on an adventure throughout the night, and follow the map on your ticket to the different booths. From human bingo, to trivia questions, to Instagram challenges. Finish all the “bucketlist tasks,” and get a special Tripkada prize at the end.

  1. Play the children’s party games you miss to play

Pinoy Games (9)

            Don’t you hate it when you go to a children’s party, and you can’t play the games, because you’re too old? Well, get ready to unleash the child in you, because we’re going to play party games throughout the night!

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  1. Travel Trivia Night is back!

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            Everybody loves a good trivia night, and FlipTrip takes it to the next level with questions on Philippine destinations, geography, and history! Grab a bunch of your new friends there, and build a team of 5. You’re sure to get challenged, and it’s all going to be worth it!

  1. Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!

Columbia Sportswear PH

            They’re not messing around when they say they’re giving away A LOT OF STUFF! Just check out their list of sponsors, and you’ll see just how much they have to give. Join the games, and get the chance to win special prizes from Columbia, Mountain, Hardwear, prAna, High-Tec, and Vivo Lumio, and fill up your bags with all the gear you need for your next adventures.

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  1. Discounts

Columbia Sportswear PH

            Yup! Discounts. Columbia and Mountain Hardwear are giving away discounts exclusively for explorers who join the travel meetup, so you can stock up on all the wardrobe and gear you need for the great outdoors.


Philippines just one way ticket

            You read it right. FlipTrip is giving away slots on Tripkada trips as prizes for the games, so you better get your A-game on! Don’t worry, if you don’t win a game, maybe you’ll get lucky and get a discount.

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PLDT SME Nation , Vivo Lumio , Miller Genuine Draft, BEER BELOW ZERO, BOTECO Brasil PH. Bitspace Makati

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Columbia Sportswear , Mountain Hardwear , Hi-Tec , prAna, The Circle Hostel, LifeProof

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