The Beauty of Callao Caves in Cagayan Province

Another thing you can do when you go to the Callao Caves is take a wooden boat ride along the Mororan River.  I enjoyed this immensely because of the crystal clear water.  We didn’t have time to swim it it, but its allowed.  You can also have lunch along the banks.





Around 6pm in the evening, bats come out this cave.  It’s a different and spectacular kind of view like from a Batman movie with thousands of bats looming above you.  The guide told us about this couple who got married inside the chapel in the cave and watched the bats come out here after.  Now that’s a wedding I would’ve loved to shoot.




More of the river and a part I really wanted to jump into because of the summer heat.


Don’t forget to try some local flavors located at the paying entrance.  Depending on the season, you can taste a fruit that is available only in the Cagayan area – Carramay.  Its sour and you eat it with salt.


And a different kind of halo halo that uses violet malagkit (sticky rice) instead of ube and caramelized condensed milk as topping instead of leche flan.




You can also schedule an adventure on Pinacanauan River nearby where you can go river rafting, kayaking, fishing and swimming.  

Peñablanca is near Tuguegarao Cagayan which is around a 10-hour drive from Manila.  You can also take flights to Tuguegarao if you’re not into road trips.

When in Manila and you’re looking for a fun and easy yet breathtaking cave adventure, go to Callao Caves and soak in the beauty of this kind of natural resource.


Check out another cave adventure of mine here, this time in Sagada.


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