Call for Unity to Rebuild Marawi

The war in Marawi has ended, but the city is now left in ruins. Buildings are destroyed and homes have been looted. Indeed, Marawi City has endured a lot during the war. As the civilians return, it’s going to take time before everything returns to how it once was, but we can help Marawi rise again.

Through the power of giving together, we can rebuild Marawi.

It may take few good men/women to stand up and call for unity during crucial times of rebuilding a city, but it takes a whole nation to shout to the world that we want change.

This campaign initiated by Gava Foundation aims to promote transparency and accountability, something that has been ignored in the past years. Today, we want not just to rebuild the city, but to rebuild the whole nation and redeem its glory, trust and confidence of other nations around the world. LET US ALL REBUILD MARAWI CITY!

Click this link to donate: Rebuild Marawi city

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