Caliber Timepieces: A Look at the Zenith Timepiece

Accessories can make all the difference in a person’s outfit. As unnoticeable as it seems compared to one’s apparel, these little details can actually elevate a look to a total head-turner. People don’t bring their sunglasses to the beach and women wearing dresses don’t wear lavish jewelry for no reason; they’re there because they can add more personality.

Watches are no exemption. From a device that was simply made to indicate time, it has now evolved into a fashion statement – and a useful one, at that, wearable for every occasion. They can, however, be tough on the wallet. For what it’s worth, they are made with extreme delicacy. Each watch is carefully crafted and meticulously assembled by watchmakers into the beloved item that it is, which is why it’s practical to choose a watch that would suit your lifestyle best. A new brand recently entered the market, proving that they could be the right choice for you. Check out Caliber Timepieces.

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Caliber Timepieces is a watch brand in the Philippines that shares a story of hard work and passion in every product. Each one is skillfully constructed into a masterpiece you can proudly wear. At the moment, they have nine variants that exude different personas based on how they look, the materials used, and the mechanism. We reviewed their Zenith Timepiece to see if it’s worth investing in.

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Right off the bat, the design of the Zenith Timepiece is amazing. The intricacy of this gold-toned caliber seen through the hallow dial makes it unique, so it’s bound to catch people’s attention. Its silver barrel complements it harmoniously and gives it an excellent finish.

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This watch is automatic, which means it’s a self-winding timepiece that doesn’t need any batteries due to its internal mechanism. As opposed to watches with a quartz movement, automatic watches can practically last a lifetime, so you can pass this heirloom down from generation to generation and it would still work.

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Just as its function would last, so would its comfort. The black strap is made out of rubber, but it’s not irritating to the skin despite the longevity of wrapping it around your wrist – and that’s saying something given the fact that the temperature in a tropical country such as the Philippines could make your skin all sweaty!

The Zenith Timepiece, albeit sophisticated-looking, can still be worn regularly. Its minimalist exterior easily matches casual attires. You don’t have to worry about damaging it, either, because on top of its beautiful dial is a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. You can confidently use it when you commute, go on an adventure, or go through your daily routine.

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Of course, it looks handsome during formal events, too.

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P.S. They also sell bracelets if you need more accessories!

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The Zenith Timepiece only costs Php3490 – way cheaper than other brands by a mile. Cheaper doesn’t necessarily equate to a lower quality, though. As someone who has been wearing a watch since high school, Caliber Timepieces is still at par with high-quality clockworks; it all boils down to the design that you prefer. In their current collection, you’re bound to find a watch that fits you best.

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