Cakes by Yda – Baguio City’s Hidden Treasure

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The Menu of Cakes by Yda

Cakes by Yda Baguio City Ilocos Longanisa Sisig

Ilocos Longanisa Sisig – P120

Garlicy bits of pork meat – Ilocos longanisa style. Served best with vinegar. The dish that will surely make you say “kuya, kanin“.


Cakes by Yda Baguio City Daddy's Saint Louis Ribs

Daddy’s Saint Louis Ribs – P150

Very tender meat that goes perfect with the barbecue sauce. Served with potato salad and biscuit. 100% Recommended! 


Cakes by Yda Baguio City Tuna Melt

Tuna Melt – P85

Chunky tuna with melted cheese and lettuce.


Cakes by Yda Baguio City Costillas Con Iloco

Costillas Con Iloco – P120

Seared pork ribs Ilocano style served with kamatis, bagoong, and lasona. Very crispy and tasty, the KBL gives it a very exotic taste.

 Cakes by Yda Baguio City Mango Cheesecake

Cakes by Yda Mango Cheesecake

Fresh mangos on top, very smooth interior and just the right sweetness.


Cakes by Yda Baguio City Green Tea CheesecakeCakes by Yda Green Tea Cheesecake

Lovely piece of cheesecake, very smooth, nice touch with the nuts, 100% recommended.


Cakes by Yda Baguio City Apple PieCakes by Yda Apple Pie

Filled with apple bits inside, freshly baked, 100% recommended. Best served with their home brewed coffee.


Cakes by Yda Baguio City Iced Tea SlushIced Tea Slush

It’s the first time I tasted iced tea flavored slush, and it’s very good. When you get to Cakes by Yda, you should definitely try this one out.


Cakes by Yda Baguio City Bacon MilkshakeBacon Milkshake

Two of my favorite things blended in one drink. A milkshake with bacon bits inside. It’s like breakfast on Christmas day.


They also have a dish they’re very proud of called “Yda’s strawberry bacon”. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available when we arrived because it takes days to make it. Thick slices of their homemade bacon (nitrite free) baked with their secret rub and served with french toast and fruit. I seriously recommend that you check them out and try it. A lot of my friends told me that it tastes like the heavens partying on your tastebuds.


Curious who Yda is?

Cakes by Yda Baguio CityThis cute little human is Yda, the daughter of Mam Terry and Sir Matt, the inspiration behind all of this. She’s the local mascot and entertainer in the cafe, whether you’re alone, lonely, or even with friends, she’ll chat you up and uplift your vibe!

Make sure you visit them whenever you’re in Baguio City!




Cakes by Yda

Cakes by Yda


Basement 242 CICM-Loop New Site Bakakeng, Baguio City

Tuesday – Sunday, 9:00 am – 10:00 pm

0917 599 4005

Cakes by Yda Facebook Page



Cakes by Yda – Baguio City’s Hidden Treasure


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