Cake Shots: Sweets and Booze in Each Bite

Article by Glenniedel Terania / Photos by Deina Ida Blancaflor

How do you want your whisky? Neat, on the rocks, or on your cupcake? We’re not kidding! You can get cupcakes laced with your favorite liquor now!

Located at the Upper Ground Floor of City Center Building, SM North EDSA, Cake Shots serves alcohol-infused cupcakes, which make dessert time all the more exciting.

Their alcohol-infused cupcakes include Bailey’s Red Velvet cupcakes, and Black Label Chocoholic cupcakes. Both cupcakes have just the right kick of alcohol. They’re not too overpowering, so you won’t smell like you just chugged a whole bottle. You won’t even feel like you drank alcohol, either.

Of course, they also have non-alcoholic cupcakes, like the Carrots Delight cupcakes mixed with walnuts and topped with a cream cheese icing for a classic taste everyone is sure to love.

We tasted all three flavors of their cupcakes, and we definitely vouch for them! Spiked or not, all their cupcakes are to be enjoyed even by those who are not into alcoholic beverages.

Black Label Chocoholic Cupcakes (Php70 per piece / Php450 per box of 6)

Decadent chocolate cupcakes topped with whipped chocolate ganache and a dash of Johnnie Walker Black Label are perfect for chocolate lovers. Of the two alcohol-infused cupcakes we tried, these have a stronger taste.

Bailey’s Red Velvet Cupcakes (Php70 per piece / Php450 per box of 6)

These Red Velvet cupcakes have Bailey’s Irish Cream spiked into both the cupcakes and the frosting. The cupcakes are moist and dense, and the icing is delicious!

Carrots Delight Cupcakes (Php 70 per piece / Php450 per box of 6)

The Carrot Cupcakes have walnuts and carrot bits mixed into them, making every bite exciting for the tastebuds. Topped with cream cheese icing and carrot bits, this carrot cupcake is better than any other carrot cupcake I’ve tasted so far. It’s non-alcoholic, but equally delicious.

Aside from their readily available cupcakes, Cake Shots also offers 8-inch Black Label Chocoholic cakes, 6-inch Black Label Chocoholic cakes, Carrot Delight cakes, Bailey’s Red Velvet cakes, Kahlua and rum-mixed Tiramisu cakes, Vita’s Pudding with rum-soaked raisins, vodka-induced vanilla cranberry Cosmopolitan cupcakes, and rum-laced coconut sponge cake Island Daquiry cupcakes, which are all available for pre-order.

This November, they are also releasing cupcake versions of their Tiramisu cake and Vita’s Pudding, so you can take home bite-sized holiday treats!

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Cake Shots

UG/F City Center Building, SM North EDSA, Quezon City
0906 326 9209
Instagram: @cakeshotsph

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