Cake Shots: Guilt-Free Alcohol-Laced Cupcakes

With all the cupcakes available in the market today, how can you even choose what to nibble next without having a headache?

cake shots

The good news is that Cake Shots, a newly launched online cupcake store, is now here to make things easier for us.

It is selling premium alcohol-laced cupcakes that are sure to pique everyone’s curiosity, making cupcake lovers and casual cupcake eaters alike really excited.

cake shots

Cake Shots was born after its owner Patricia was inspired by her grandmother’s signature Rum Raisin Pudding. According to her, it never failed to bring a smile to her face as a child. Also, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without the delicious dessert.

cake shots

No wonder, in March 2015, Patricia finally decided to put up her own business and create signature desserts of her own. She started experimenting on her favorite cupcake flavors and, like what her grandmother did, added alcohol flavors to them. She used vodka, brandy, rum, and Irish crème liquor.

cake shots

After several attempts, which meant weeks filled with trial and error procedures, she finally came up with five alcohol-laced cupcakes: Irish Crème Red Velvet, Rhum Raisin, Spiked Chocolate, Coconut Daquiri, Cosmopolitan, and Vita’s Pudding.

cake shots

Vita’s Pudding was her own take on her grandmother’s Rhum Raisin Pudding. Although she prepared it the way her grandmother used to, she added her very own caramel sauce to it. Apart from these alcohol-laced cupcakes, she also came up with a virgin or non-alcoholic cupcake, the Carrots Delight, which came from her sister.

cake shots

What a clever way to refashion cupcakes! And of course, apart from their novelty, these cupcakes also give those with a sweet tooth more reasons to celebrate life. What’s even cooler is the fact that they do not have the overpowering scents that we usually associate with liquors.

cake shots

I was able to prove this when I tried the cupcakes myself. They were not intimidating at all. In fact, they all looked too cute yet when I ate them, I was able tell what made each of them special.

Surely, they can be enjoyed even by those who are not into alcoholic beverages.

cake shotsIrish Crème Red Velvet
Red Velvet cupcake spiked with Irish Crème  liquor from frosting to cake.
(Box of 6 – P450 | Box of 12 – P850)

cake shotsVita’s Pudding
Like how her grandma used to make Rhum Raisin Bread Pudding; comes with Brandy Caramel Sauce.
(Box of 6 – P450 | Box of 12 – P850)

cake shotsSpiked Chocolate
Chocolate + Irish Cream Coffee + Marshmallow Frosting = HEAVENLY!
(Box of 6 – 450 | Box of 12 – P850)

cake shotsCoconut Daquiri
Nothing spells sand and sun more than a daiquiri, coconut, and lemon flavors with a splash of Bacardi.
(Box of 6 – P450 | Box of 12 – P850)

cake shotsCosmopolitan
All you need from a Cosmo in a cupcake. What’s not to like with Cranberries, Vodka, and Triple Sec?
(Box of 6 – P480 | Box of  12 – P900)

cake shotsCarros Delight
Virgin Carrot Cupcakes; no alcohol added for a tamed yet pleasurable experience.
(Box of 6 – 450 | Box of 12 – P850)

cake shots

So when in Manila and looking for some sweet treats to nibble, share with friends, or give to someone special as a gift, don’t forget about Cake Shots.