Cafe Esperanza: Enjoy Classic Filipino Delicacies in La Union

Some things are just made to stand the test of time–just like Cafe Esperanza, a local restaurant in San Fernando, La Union.

CAFE_ESPERANZACafe Esperanza has stood the tests of time.

Cafe Esperanza has been around since 1983, and the place has been thriving ever since. It has become quite a local landmark in the small city.


The place offers such a cozy and homey atmosphere with just enough Instagrammable vintage accents that will make you feel like you’ve traveled to the past. The place also has a very distinct Filipino-style design that reflects the food that they offer.


Cafe Esperanza serves traditional Filipino all-day breakfast meals, including beef tapa, Vigan longanisa, and pork tocino. However, aside from classic Filipino dishes, this restaurant is also known for their native delicacies, traditional Filipino snacks, and pastries.

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C_ESPERANZA_BESTSELLERSThese are just some of their bestsellers.

When asked about their bestsellers, their staff laughingly replied, “Lahat in demand eh! (Everything’s in demand!)” True enough, many of their products were already sold out by lunchtime.

C_ESPERANZA_CPUFFSThe majestic cream puffs (Php25)

CAFE_ESPERANZAThey’re sweet and creamy.

For the pastries, Cafe Esperanza is best known for their cream puffs, which are some of the first products to get sold out on an average day. Their original recipe for this pastry is designed to perfectly suit the Filipino taste. The combination of crunchy caramel on top of a soft bun filled with creamy custard filling is a perfect treat to end a meal.

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