Cafe Enye: A Comfortable and Quirky Dinner Nook in Eastwood City

One of the newest additions to the growing and ever-changing selection of restaurants in Eastwood City, Cafe Enye aims to satiate a different gustatory craving that other restos in the area miss – Spanish cuisine. And it’s quite successful at that.

Cafe Enye specializes in Spanish dishes with a twist, including paellas that are only offered in the brunch menu, skewers hot off the grill, and churros as dessert.

To be honest, Cafe Enye is a personal favorite. It opened December 2015 and I’ve already been to this restaurant about five times even before we were formally invited to try it out.

The food is one thing but the ambiance of this restaurant is another reason I’ve been going back to Cafe Enye. Its space is designed quite nicely – comfortable and quirky, which really suits me.

During this visit, we tried a handful of dishes. Some I’ve tried previously, others I’ve tried for the first time.

We started with the Enye Callos Buns (PhP 135 for 3 pieces). Think of Tim Ho Wan’s barbecue pork buns but with a dash of Spain. Tim Ho Wan’s bread is softer though but the sweet crunchy coating on these callos buns adds a nice touch. Also, the buns lay on a bed of shoestring fries.

Cafe Enye Eastwood (2)

Complementing the buns is a serving of Gambas Enye Style (PhP 350). Unlike traditional gambas, this isn’t made spicy. It has a Middle Eastern taste due to the spices used to cook it. It is served with a head of garlic cut in half to ornament the dish.

Cafe Enye Eastwood (3)

We were served two pasta dishes – the Bacalao Puttanesca (PhP 275) and the Lechon Carbonara (PhP 250). I have tried the carbonara prior to this visit and I liked it just right because even if I’m not a big fan of lechon (yeah, what’s wrong with me?) I adore carbonara.

On the other hand, I became a big fan of the puttanesca. The sauce is not too sour and the bits of fish adds balance to the dish.

There are only three pasta selections at Cafe Enye. I hope they’d grow the selection someday.

Cafe Enye Eastwood (7) Cafe Enye Eastwood (6)

A heavy dish, the Grilled Pork Chop (PhP 385) is a thick cut of pork grilled right to make sure that it’s juicy and tender. It sleeps on a bed of mashed potato, which accentuates the grilled chop.

Cafe Enye Eastwood (5)

A new favorite, which I’d definitely be ordering next time I go to Cafe Enye, is the Fish Mojo Skewers. The fish is juicy and the sauce drizzled on top is an orchestra of spices. And don’t get me started with the rice.

Cafe Enye Eastwood (4)

What I never fail to order when I’m at Cafe Enye is its refreshing Calamansi-Cucumber Shake (PhP 90). When you’re eating a lot of flavorful dishes, it helps that the beverage is a palate cleanser. I wish I could try the Kamias Shake next time but I keep on missing it.

Cafe Enye Eastwood (1)

Ending the smorgasbord of delicious food, we were served with desserts – Chouxros with Dulce de Leche Cream (PhP 170) and Creme Catalan (PhP 185). I liked both. I wish there was more of the creme catalan though.

Cafe Enye Eastwood (10) Cafe Enye Eastwood (8)

To cap off the night, we had Spanish Tablea. This hot chocolate drink is velvety (although not as sweet and creamy as La Creperie’s Angelina’s). Angelina’s is on top of my list when it comes to hot chocolate beverages and Cafe Enye’s is a close second. It just brings out all the feelings, perfect when it’s raining outside and you’re looking out the window.

Cafe Enye Eastwood (9)

Cafe Enye

Eastwood Ave. Libis, Quezon City

(02) 671-3230


What will you be trying at Cafe Enye?

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