Cable Car Ortigas: Unlimited Nachos for P299 Anyone?

When in Manila, waiting for the traffic to die down is not uncommon to professionals working around the metro. People usually wait the traffic out with hopes of doing something more productive with their time, such as having a drink with friends to chill out and release some stress. Well, when it comes to chilling while enjoying a few drinks (or more) with friends, Cable Car is a household name.

Cable Car has been a staple name in the bar and restaurant industry for a while now, and is known to partygoers for its San Francisco pub ambiance, beer pong and crave-worthy bar food. It has been one of the pioneer restobars in Metro Manila with the first branch in Makati opening in 1992. It currently has branches in Makati, BGC, Tomas Morato, and the newest addition to the family: Cable Car Ortigas.

Cable Car 39

Cable Car 18

Cable Car Ortigas offers the same classic favorites you’ve grown to love at their other branches. I recently went to Cable Car Ortigas with a bunch of my friends to see if the ambiance is the same as in their other branches that are already close to our hearts.

Here are some of the dishes that we had:

Cable Car 1

Cable Car 4

Heartbreaker (P680)

Cable Car 6

Shrimp Scampi (P260)

Cable Car 9

Sisig (P200)

I greatly enjoyed their sisig. I am from Pampanga and I can say I have pretty high standards when it comes to sisig, because you know what they say about sisig from Pampanga: it’s the best! Their sisig is best paired with the Cable Car rice in my opinion since I adore everything with egg on it!

Cable Car 10

Cable Car Fried Rice (P150)

Cable Car 11

Senior Gripman Burger (P270)

Cable Car 15

Cable Car 14

The Senior Gripman Burger is another personal favorite. It is humungous and taking a bite can be a challenge. However, it was a challenge that I looked forward to.

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