C2 Classic Cuisine: Must Try Their Crispy Pata!




When in Manila, there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss: Filipino food. And if you are looking for good Filipino food here in the metro, we suggest that you visit C2 Classic Cuisine. They offer home cooked goodness at the convenience of malls.

One Thursday afternoon, fellow WIM writer Mimai and I decided to check out what C2 offers its guests. We visited their Shangri-la branch and, as expected the restaurant was packed with the lunch crowd. And after trying out their dishes, we understood why.

Excited for our local food adventure, we ordered famous Filipino specialties such as:





 Crispy Squid



 Boneless Crispy Pata






 Mixed Seafoods



 Roce, rice, and more rice!




 Kare-Kare (Yup, it’s boneless crispy pata with kare-kare sauce)



Pansit Ba-Mi



Even our drinks were very Pinoy!


Our take? Everything reminded us of local kitchens! You know, the sort wherein you visit a friend and his / her mom would ask you to have lunch and they will serve you home-cooked meals. That sort. Plus points for their boneless crispy pata – easy to eat and not so much a hassle to eat. Combining it with kare-kare is just righteous.

When in Manila and looking for one of the best places to have crispy pata (according to Soo Pinoy, at least), make sure you visit C2 Classic Cuisine. They have different branches all over the metro, and they will not fail you when it comes to local cooking.

C2 Classic Cuisine

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C2 Classic Cuisine: Must Try Their Crispy Pata!

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