BY: CHEF KIN: Delivering Unique and Refined Desserts Straight to Your Doorstep

BY: CHEF KIN has been bringing refined, exquisite desserts directly to our doorsteps since its debut in 2020. Rankin Morven Cailles, a corporate chef for nearly a decade, has finally traveled in the opposite direction as a business owner and begun his adventure in serving genuine bliss in a box.

“I have loved to cook ever since I was young. It was the other thing that I like to do besides basketball. I already had my mind set that when I go to college, I will be pursuing culinary arts,” said Cailles, who graduated with a bachelor’s degree in International Hospitality Management with a specialization in culinary arts from Enderun Colleges in 2011. “Culinary arts to me means you get to express yourself through cooking or food. Every person’s point of view is different and that’s what makes culinary arts great because every chef gets to express his vision on the things being prepared.”

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Cailles was accustomed to traveling and discovering new places and cultures prior to the pandemic. He was so preoccupied with his day job that he didn’t have time to establish his own company. “It was when the pandemic hit that my wife and I decided to put up a small business together.  Hence, BY: CHEF KIN started.” Cailles’ lifestyle and career have changed, as it has for many others. “I’m not used to being confined to the city. It was a drastic change.”

Looking at the silver lining

Cailles, however, is not the type who would be dragged solitary into the pandemic. As opposed to when he was younger, he now has a more mature perspective. “Knowing what’s going on around you is importanthow to deal with others and how to steer them so that we may achieve a common goal. We may occasionally vent our frustrations, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to maturity and knowing how to comprehend circumstances and why they occur,” Cailles explained. He approaches every problem as a challenge and believes that how one looks at it impacts the outcome of every situation. Dealing with those hurdles would be easier if there is a healthy mindset and outlook.


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Catching dreams and going forward

He has always wanted to become a successful chef and entrepreneur and he treats BY: CHEF KIN as his outlet for creativity. At present, he hopes his business will showcase his skills and what he learned through the years. “The things I can’t do every day, I express it through my food business. It allows me to have limitless creativity and passion. Each item on the menu is meticulously made by me from research to trial and error to know what works and what doesn’t. What I liked most about running my own business is that I treat every mistake as a learning experience. Right now I have big dreams for BY: CHEF KIN and I’ll continue to offer unique and refined desserts to everyone.”

Making a commitment to learn

Cailles’ college experience prepared him to be a professional both at work and in life. Enderun’s curriculum, he claims, includes the actual industry scenarios relevant to his current position. “Each of my mentors in college had an impact in my career and I wouldn’t think success would happen if it wasn’t for their guidance.”

Cailles’ advice is to never stop learning and to recognize that every day is a great opportunity to learn new things. “Don’t get complacent and ask as many questions as possible. I believe another person might know something that you don’t know so there’s no harm really in asking questions, as silly as it may seem, but it would benefit you in the long run.”


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BY: CHEF KIN is a home-based food business that offers delicious baked goodies such as Mascarpone Cake Tiramisu, Limoncello Cake Tiramisu, Ube Cheese Pandesal, Ube Cream Cheese Pandesal, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Butternut Crinkles, Compost Cookies, Banana Split Cookies, and many more. For orders, please visit @bychefkin on Instagram or send an email to bychefkin@gmail.com.

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