Buying Your First Suit? Here are 5 Tips to Keep in Mind

For men, at some point in their lives, they will need a suit. It might be for prom, for an important interview, or maybe for a fancy date night. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and have no idea how to find your first-ever suit, don’t worry. We’re here to help you. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind when out shopping for your next suit.

5. Choose a versatile color

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If you visit menswear shops or fashion forums, you would see that many people recommend either charcoal grey or navy blue as a first suit. Why is that? These are two of the most versatile suit colors. So if you’re looking for your first suit, you will surely find that charcoal grey or navy blue are most useful as you can wear these with almost any color of shirt, tie, and shoes.

4. Find a reliable tailor

Fit is king and whether you’re going for a bespoke suit or something ready-to-wear, you should know a good tailor. If you’re going bespoke, a good tailor like Suit It Up Manila can explain to you what you need and will help you pick all the details (vents, buttons, lapels, etc.) that you want in your suit. If you’re going RTW, they can alter the suit to fit you as those don’t usually fit you perfectly off-the-rack.

3. Talk to knowledgeable people

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Aside from online groups and communities, there are also social gatherings like Suit Social where you can attend and interact with people who share the same interest in suits as you. Aside from getting to admire the suits of other people, you can also ask them for advice on getting your first suit.

2. Choose the right type of fabric

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Choosing the right type of fabric for your suit may look too complicated and overwhelming for a first-timer. But apart from the cost, you should also consider breathability. For example, linen is more breathable due to its lightweight weave; however, it is considered less formal than a suit made of 100% wool. You can talk to your tailor to help you get the right type of fabric for your needs.

1. Double up on the pants (optional)

If you plan to wear your suit a lot, people suggest that you double up on your pants. A lot of menswear enthusiasts claim that an extra pair of matching pants will lengthen the life expectancy of your suit. This is because your trousers are more likely to wear out before your suit jacket. Once the color of your pants fade, it will be more difficult to wear it with the jacket as their shades don’t exactly match anymore—and they should.

To know more about suits, you can visit a reliable tailor like Suit It Up Manila. The folks over there will definitely be happy to answer all your inquiries about suits.

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